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A.J. Kyle

      “Boy! You better go to school today, you‘re starting to make me look bad!” A.J.’s mother yelled.

“I love you too, mom” He yelled back smiling. His mother walked down the stairs “I‘m serious, Aaron, you need to go to school” she warned (he he ya‘ll probably thought he was, like, abused or something)

      “Okay, mom, I‘ll go!” he said, rolling his eyes. His mother sighed and went back to her room. “Not” he added when she left. He walked out the front door and explored his new city.

      He walked around for hours, waiting for him to find something interesting. Finally he found some sort of junkyard. The fence was locked so he jumped it, “shit!” he exclaimed, when he cut his finger. He stuck it in his mouth and sucked on it slightly. The metallic taste of blood flooded into his mouth. He walked around, while sucking his finger. He stopped suddenly, when he saw a building filled with metal statues. As he neared, he could see that they were all depressing and hateful. A.J. almost gasped when he saw all of the faceless angel, they were so beautiful yet horrifying.

      He left the building and continued looking around. As he did he noticed other statues scattered around the junkyard, that was broken, but they were clearly made by the same person. A.J. walked around some more until he realized he had made a complete circle, but instead of seeing a deserted lot, he saw this beautiful girl crying, as she held a barbed statue of a heart.

             “Are you alright?” he asked. When her head shot up, and I realized by looking into her eyes, that she wasn’t just a girl she was a very broken girl

Elizabeth Paige’s P.O.V.

“Are you alright?” A worried voice said from behind her. She quickly wiped away her tears, and composed herself, as she turned around “Yeah, fine” she snapped.

“What are you doing here?” He said, ignoring her cold tone.

“None of your business!”Elizabeth Paige sneered.

“Oh, well did you make these?” He asked, picking one up.

“Don’t touch it!” she screeched, and ran over to him, to take it “it’s fragile!”

“Okay, sorry” He mumbled “Well that’s obviously a yes”

“What is?” Elizabeth Paige asked confused

“That you made it” A.J. stated “Because you were so defensive”

“Oh a detective are we?” She said, almost breaking to a smile, but fixed myself quickly.

“Oh defiantly” He said and grinned.

“Well I’ve got to go” She said in a cold tone, again.

“Well can I have you number then?”He asked nervously. Paige smirked and told him “212-660-2245.” (A/N actually call that number, it’s hilarious) A.J. grinned, a little surprised.

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