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Dayvon had left because he had to go to indiana with durk to get ready for the show.

As for me i was packing because me & ari was getting ready to leave. We were staying down in indiana until tomorrow night she really got me going out😂.

Von was mad i was going for that long he acting like I'm staying for a damn month i never seen a nigga act like a big ass baby.

I packed my things in my fendi duffel bag i had because i don't need a lot of things.

I started my hair then put on a white crop top with grey sweat pants, white socks & my yeezy slides.

"You ready?" Ari asked.

"Yessuhh" i said.

"Look at yo big headed ass all excited" she laughed.

"Bitch shut up" i playfully rolled my eyes.

"I'll be there in 20" she said.

"Alrighty" i said.

Von didn't like that i was going with ari at all either.

It's like he knows something about her but won't tell me.

A couple minutes later she told me she was outside so i grabbed all of my things & got in her car.

"You ready? we gone be turnt as fuck!" She yelled making me laugh.

When we got to the airport we walked onto the jet & it was cold.

"Where the blankets at? I'm cold as hell" i asked the flight attendant & she got me one.

"Thank you" i said sitting down.

"I know you not going sleep" ari said sitting next to me.

"I'm not" i lied.

I can sure put down a piece of sleeping, my fav thing to do.

She went live on her account & we talked on there for a while.

"Open" she laughed.

I opened my mouth letting her pour henny in it we both was getting tipsy.

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