Disappearance and appearance

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The news of Veldora sealed by a hero reached the eastern empire

The ex-hero A.K.A the emperor of Nasca Namrium Ulmeria United Eastern Empire is sitting on his throne accompanied by a true dragon and his trusted friend

“So Damrada, is the news about Veldora true?” The emperor Rudra Nam Ul Nasca asked his friend

“Yes no doubt about it, the intelligence bureau confirmed the news”

“However do you know about the one who sealed my little brother?” The True dragon Velgrynd

“Apparently she's a hero by the name of Chronoa and she's using an Unlimited Imprisonment”

“Huh I doubt he will be able to break free” She's having a complicated expression

“Although I want to quickly take over the western nations we can't just rashly goes through the Jura Forest regardless of his sealment”

“I believe so too'”

“Then tell Gadra to focus more on the Otherworlder to make technology from otherworld”


He then left leaving those two in the room

“Are you not going to visit him?” he asked regarding Veldora

“No, it's better for us if I stayed here”

“Good point”

In the Morning

The Royal Guard are now in the throne room so Velgrynd left to her own room

“Nothing beats a nice bath” She said to herself

She's relaxing but something appeared on the water. Noticing the object in the bath she takes it

“Oh a slime, what are you doing here?”

She then played with the slime, squishing, stretching, and other fun things you can do with a slime

(No horny! (– – !)

Velgrynd pov

Mmm~! You're so nice to touch!

I'm going to show Rudra!

I then put back my clothes and rushed to Rudra

When I see him I dragged him to his room

“What was that for!” he complained but I ignored him

“Look at this!” I showed the slime at him

“A slime?”

“Yes! He suddenly appeared when I'm taking bath, so technically I'm the mother right!?”

“i suppose so” he's having a dumbfounded look

“Then you're gonna be the father!”

Ignoring his dumbfounded look I continued

“Finally after so long I have a kid with you!–” this making him confused and dumbfounded even more

“–just imagine the look on Velzard face when she knows this–” and more

“–Moreover I bet that-" until he can't handle it anymore


We then calmed down

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