Raising a slime

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Velgrynd pov

Fufu~ I'm going to teach Rimuru untill he became a good kid. Unlike someone

A huge dragon sneezed in the distance

Anyway what should I teach him first?

Ah right of course that, I'm going to teach him about us

“Hey Rimuru~ come here~”

>Okay~< he then jumped on my lap

“Rimuru~ I'm Velgrynd, your mother”

>Velgrynd? Mother?<

“Yes and Rudra is your father”

>Rudra?< If only he's with us right

“it's the other person in the room with us yesterday<


He then began changing his body shape and after a minute he looked like Rudra's head


“Yes! What a smart slime”

I'm petting him and he turned back his shape, He then started melting again...

“Eh what's wrong Rimuru?”

>It feels good~<

“then enjoy it as much as you want”

I then petting him more slowly and delicately, but after a while I suddenly fell asleep

pov end

Velgrynd who fallen asleep fell on her side and Rimuru who sees this of course get confused

He slides on her head and started poking her head

Timeskip with Rimuru still poking her head

Rudra who's back on his room sees Velgrynd sleeping with the slime poking her head

‘What is happening here...’ is what Rudra can think about

The slime sees him and started jumping towards him


“yep you're right”


He then jumped back to Velgrynd and started poking her faster excited

Rudra chuckled and approaches those two

“Stop it Rimuru, no matter how long you tried she won't wake up”


“Shes just a heavy sleeper, once she's asleep she won't wake up until atleast a day”

Rimuru just started melting

“Then how about you play with me? What are you two doing before she fell asleep?”

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