Special: What?

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Rimuru pov

“You are as tough as they say” a red demon complimented me

“Heh I don't need a compliment from you” we then continued fighting

I'm currently attacking the first demon lord castle with mom and the royal guards

Mom is fighting the other true dragon in other words her elder sister and I can see that she's not using her full power against mom

The Royal Guards however is fighting against the other demon lords

Although it is a bit annoying that I couldn't bring the top single digits (1-6 Kondou-Minaza) but it's fine

Why fine? Because the destroyer and sleeping ruler isn't with the demon lord side

Heheh~ I'm amazing aren't I? I'm able to weaken them before the fight even started

However they didn't join this fight on our side either, they're staying at the empire just like dad

Still it's sucks that I can't get the top single digits! Well I guess those three Primordial is good enough

The three Primordial I got from the underworld is really good, there's other one but let's not talk about it since I left him in the underworld

Two of them is gaining an upper hand fighting the other two primordial while the other one is having an equal fight against earthquake and platinum saber

My Ace is amazing right?

<<Hmph master you're leaving me out!>>

>>What? Of course no, you're the best card I have Ciel, the Uno Reverse!<<



<<Whatever just watch out of that fake out and hidden attack>>

>>Okay thanks<<

Yep that's my partner... Yeah sometimes she's annoying


But I like it


Heh she's blushing

<<No I don't! Shut up!>>

Well let's move on to other things....!?


What was that feeling?!

<<I don't know, I will quickly analyze it>>

>>Please do it quickly<<

I looked around to see what happened and mom is on the ground?!!!


“Don;t lose focus kid” he stabbed me with his sword


“RIMURU WHAT'S WRONG?” Mom suddenly beside me

I looked at her then around me and it seems like I'm in my room

I hugged her and cried

“It's fine Rimuru it's just a nightmare I'm here”

Yeah it's just a nightmare, it's simply a dream....

But what if it isn't?


Hey~ there's supposed to be a chapter before this but I'm a bit slow at writing it and I suddenly have an idea for this

So here we are basically a small spoiler of the really later on chapters, although it's not really a spoiler since you know it will happen right?

Anyway like I said I prioritized TTD then GVR first so it's a bit slow for this one, so rather than no update on this one atleast I make something to read

So thanks for reading and see you later... Hopefully soon

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