Becoming Human

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It's has been quite a while... A year, it's been a year...

Rimuru now learned the basic knowledge and some common sense of humans so here we see Rudra and Velgrynd discussing something really important

“Hey Rudra I think it's time for Rimuru to learn how to turn into human”

“I will make him into a great hero” Rudra smiled widely thinking of his game with Guy

“Can you not think of that stupid game FOR FIVE MINUTES!”

“...right sorry...”

‘She has been getting more aggressive after she got Rimuru...’

Ignoring him that are sulking Velgrynd started the conversation again

“Anyway I'm going to be the one that teach him”

“Eh? What about me?”

“Just go and think of your Game by yourself I'm out of here” she said leaving the room

‘She really changed...’

Velgrynd pov

The game, game! and game! Only that is in his mind I swear

Is he controlled or something?

Whatever let's go to my little ball of happiness

“Hey Rimuru are you here?”

“I'm here mom!”

“Okay then today is going to be a special day”

“Special day?”

Aww his confused look is so cute~ I can't help but pet him

“You're going to be able to turn into a human!”

“So I can be like mom?”

He says that he's going to be like me! ME!

Not Rudra, ME! Even though he's the human but he chooses me!

Ahh~ I love you you little blob!

I pick him up “Yes, are you ready?”

“mhm!” he nodded

I gave him the mimicry skill and information of the human body but...

Wait a minute... Am I going to give him a woman or man's body...

Aghh what a hard thing to choose!

Whatever Let's make him beautiful atleast

I gave him the head of a woman with the body of a man and of course it's based on Rudra

“Alright then Rimuru try transforming” I put him down

“Yes! Trans~form!” he says while jumping

That's way~ too cute!

He then started becoming human and the results is~

He looks like me!

“Is it like this mom?”

“Yes~!” I can't help but cuddling him

Dress up time~

Later on

Alright time to show him to Rudra

“Let's go Rimuru” I put him on my arms

“Do you think he will like it?” he ask shyly

“Of course he will” if he don't I will punish him myself

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