Chapter 12

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Quetzalcoatl: So shall we begin? Yes?

Merlin: Fighters Ready? And BEGIN!

Yang charges at Quetzalcoatl and tries to punch her using her gauntlets but she nonchalantly dodges it. Yang tries to do it again, but is failing. In the audience the two Merlins decided to set up a commentators booth for the fight.

Merlin: Well it looks like Xiao Long has delivered the first punch.

Merlin (Prototype): And I see Quetzalcoatl has yet to make a move. Let's see what Schnee has in store for us.

Jaune: Are they really doing this?

Jaune asks Arthur

Arthur: (Sighs) Yes, yes they are.

Ozpin: So, Glynda who do you think is going to win this fight?

Glynda: Her, no doubt Miss Xiao Long and Schnee already lost the minute she showed up. I have a feeling she's more powerful and can easily end this fight in a second. But she's prolonging the fight to see how they can go against her.

Yang continues giving a barrage of punches towards Quetzalcoatl as she just dodges them with a smile on her face. Yang is angry that she isn't taking her seriously as Quetzalcoatl grabs her fist as Yang struggles as Quetzalcoatl is grip is strong.

Quetzalcoatl: You're strong, but not strong enough.

She then bitch slapped Yang as she flies to the other side of the arena.

Coco: What the hell!! She just bitch slap her and sent her flying!!

Fox: I'm not looking forward to my fight.

Weiss was scared shitless, she's regretting challenging them to a fight. She calms herself as she readies her weapon.

She stabs her weapon to the ground as an ice attack goes straight towards her. She dashes towards the ice and breaks it. Weiss was shocked and tried to figure out how to counter her. But it was too late she grabs Weiss and gave her a Lariat as she pushes her down to the ground as smoke erupts then out of nowhere the explosion of smoke grew bigger as the training ground shakes.

Blake: What was that?! That was strong enough to create an earthquake!

She then jumps and body slams Weiss with a smile on her face as the ground breaks from the huge impact. As rubble flies all around the area.

Merlin: It looks like Schnee is out!!

Merlin (Prototype):And from where we're standing that looked like it hurt.

All of the students cringe when they saw Weiss, that body slam looked like it hurt a lot.

Ruby: Is she going to be okay?

Jaune: She's fine, we have Nightingale here to take her to the infirmary.

Blake: Jaune, she looks like she's in so much pain. She probably broke a few bones.

Ren: Probably all of it, from where we're standing.

Yang is up despite feeling a bit staggered as she comes face to face with Quetzalcoatl. Yang then charges head first without a plan. As Quetzalcoatl dodges by doing flips and jumps as Yang hasn't landed a hit on her. Then suddenly when Yang went to punch her she grabbed her arm and does a spin move and elbows Yang in the face as she got the wind knock out of her. Then she kicks Yang at the stomach as she went flying as a shockwave could be heard, she hits the ground as it breaks as she was sent upward.

Merlin (Prototype): Looks like this fight is over.

Merlin: Yes, yes it is. Xiao Long is going to need an ice pack after this.

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