Historical Wildlife

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Raffucetta's pov:

With the port currently under construction and thy slowly running out of alpha power poses I decided today would be a day of great productivity for me. I've encoded to go collect spices along the newly found spicy trade route. We would need resources to sustain ourselves on this steaming hot island where nothing steamy ever so happens. I intended to collect nutmeg, silk, cinnamon and ginger but Ed Sheeran doesn't exist yet so we might have to do without that. I used all of my remaining brain power and decided to propose that Willy accompany me on the long arduous adventure. I cat walked my way to the fine gentlemen standing in the light of day, almost glimmering he was, the sun could never. I reached out my meaty flesh grabbers and extended my digiti manus (finger obviously) and lightly grazed  his scaly reptilian shoulder, must be dandruff I pondered to myself, what a frisky guy.

Willius Farnene Pov:

I rotated my head to find myself dazed to be lost in thought as the middle aged white man stood in front of me with his very straight posture (unlike himself). "Greetings fine fellow man, I have a proposal to make," Raffles stated, a million gajillion thoughts
raced through my head as his eyes sparkled, then he opened his mouth hole and his vocal cords vibrated. "may I suggest thou accompany thy along the spice trade route? I would deeply appreciate this kind gesture."
"O-o-oh u-u-uh I-" I stuttered.
As he spoke, a part of me elongated. My feelings for him <3 obviously.
"Wheeliam?It is alright if you wish to stay here" my rafflicious historian spoke, I needed to reply quick
"Why..Ah..yes" I stuttered out like the shy quirky boy I am.

Time skip: at the port about to leave

3rd person POV (wild life documentary style, present tense):

The Wild Farquhar approaches the gazing Raffles, in search of a mate. He struts towards the Raffles natural habitat in order to attract his historical partner. A very effective move on his behalf, for raffles seemingly became very aroused due to primal instinct. (Willy knows his shit) Raffles tears his gaze away from the Farquhar as he clears his dry mammal throat. "Is thou ready to depart" he growls out raspy. A common Alpha move. The wild William scratches his reptilian scaly skin "indeed" croaks William with his frog like calves, the hybrid William, hops his way to the port *commercial break* ( cuz they definitely had commercials then) we will be back with historical wildlife...some day in the past

The Raffley side of life:

I boarded the boat and fixed myself up as I stood on the wooden planks, I noticed Willy-Wonkar struggling to lift his petite body, his petite vessel at that. I approach him for a closer glance and notice his thunder thighs are not coming in very handy. William gazes up at me with loving kawaii eyes, they sparkle and glinter as I stare into his shit brown orbs. He tucks his non-existent hair behind his ear as he whispers "I'm too petite and little, it appears I'm too much of a smol gorl in this smol world, my meat onsie could never, could I request thou's assistance to help bring me and my balumptious booty up," I stand there a bit shocked, nervous and most certainly surprised. I quivered under my voice "certainly" (read in Batman voice pls) I reached out my shaking bony fingers and felt as his warm finger tips made contact with my hands, the cooler surface. I felt as my sweaty palms gained heat, as well as my face (sciency) and my insides were almost condensing into tiny water droplets(aww love doesn't need to make sense ok it just needs to work) I used all the strength In my strangely wangly arms to pull him up and supported myself with my googly woogly legs. We stood there absorbing each others presence like a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. "Candid laughing candid laughing, we had better get a move along shall we" I coughed out slowly letting go of his dry ass hands feeling sad as I felt the heat of his hand leave me. He licked his flakey lips, dry, just like his love life "yes yes, no time to waste now Stamford" The sailors began harmoniously shouting "Yahoo" another shouted "Ca Caw" their communication was astounding, and with that the boat began to set sail.

3rd person POV:

Back on the island, there left a raging jealous homosexual vibe radiating off of Bouilla Boisse, in his pathetic attempt to attract William who was now too far away to sense his gayness.

Bouilla Boisse:

"It's truly so unfair, no one will ever understand my complex emotions, wHy cAnT YoU jUsT Be NiCe tO mEee" I yell at the top of my deflated lungs off of the cliff looking over the sea, my main character look out. I need to dominate and claim my Willy.

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