Blessed eyes, Phat thighs

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Today the port begins construction:

Raffucilli POV:
"Now my fellow gentlemen, this port needs to be perfection, this is going to be the best port in the world, it's going to be mas-" My gaze shifts towards Farquhar next to me. I notice his scrumbdalicious gluteus maximus "massive..." I whisper under my breath. I snap back to reality "yes-um yes- it's going to be massive! Now get to work" The men around me comply, skiddadeling to their stations. "Good work Raffles," Farquhar said with a smile that made my cheeks flush. "Now if you you will excuse I must go to siege," he says, turning towards the loo. "Good luck my peerless paramour, Fare thee well," I say, my voice faltering. I couldn't seem to hold my internal organs in me, they felt like they were slowly exiting my anus. Farquhar walked off. I let out a breath that I didn't realise I had been holding.

Farquhar's POV:

I walked away, confused. Raffles was acting strange. What did he say?
After relieving myself of my waste materials that have collected in my behind region, I walked out of the foul smelling loo. I was then met with the sight of the most...the most.....most....frail, petite man I've ever seen, struggling to carry a small crate. I walk over to the man, such weakness could use assistance. "Do you require thou's assistance?"

Bouilla Baisse's POV:

I looked up, not recognising the voice. What I saw made my heart skip a beat. The man in front of me, there was almost an identical resemblance between his claves and juicy, rambunctious buttocks . I could not tear my eyes away from those thunder thighs. The man coughed and my face flushed while a rather hideous shade of red rushed to my cheek bones, how unfetched that was, ew. I had not realised that I had been staring for almost a full 3.1459 seconds . "Good sir, do you need a hand?" he asked again. "Y-y-y-yes," I stammered. Those legs could carry me to heaven. He grasped the crate tightly and carried it down the ramp. I couldn't help but to sneak a glance at this valumpcuous butt cheeks. He had calves that could make world peace or end world hunger. I snapped out of my thoughts as I trailed behind him whilst he carried the crate.

Willy Farqua'sPOV:

I placed the crate down at the dock and turned to the short man. "My work here is done, I'd suggest you work on those arms of yours they are rather..." I wracked my brain for a perhaps kinder way to tell him he was a weakling with no physical strength. But the only thing on my mind was raffles, I could hear him commanding people in the background, wow, what a dominant bottom I thought. "Sir, you were saying my arms were..." I turned back to the stick of a man and returned to reality. " yes you are rather weak, a constitutional fitness centre will be built shortly I recommend you go once it's opened," I advised. "Will..will you be there sir?" he said blushing, what a strange man "Most probably not I am far too busy, but my calves could perhaps use more toning, we shall see,". " Well um I will take your advice sir," he replied stumbling over his choice of words "Please call me William," I said staring not that distance "alrig-" "no wait I take that back call me William the great" I interrupted. "Ok sir- I mean William the great... what are you looking at?" He asked whilst turning towards my direction, where a moose looking raffles stood, oh ringle dingle (pardon my foul language) I was gazing off again. "I- uh- you should head back to work, we shallst not waste more time, I will see you around....uh-" "oh Bouilla Baisse," he said rather hastily.

A/n: just an FYI Bouilla Baisse is literally fish stew, so like just take in the lazy name we created for the Willy will simp

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