Best Yo Mama Jokes Part 3!

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Some language for adults

Yo mama so fat,
Her belt size is Equator!

Yo mama so short,
She committed Suicide,
By jumping off the curb!

Yo mama so fat,
Her reflection said,
"I quit."

Yo mama so dumb,
She got locked in a grocery store,
And starved to death!

Yo mama so dumb,
It took her 2 weeks,
To figure out how to think!

Yo mama so stupid,
She got locked in a mattress store,
And slept on the floor!

Yo mama so fat,
She fell in love,
And broke it!

Yo mama so Damn Fat!
I pictured her in my head,
The bitch broke my neck!

Yo mama so fat,
She had to go to SeaWorld,
To get baptized!

Yo mama so fat,
When she died,
She broke the stair case to heaven!

Yo mama so ugly,
When she signed up for an ugly contest,
They said sorry, no proffessionals!

Yo mama so fat, Karl Schwarzchild invented, The black hole theory on her asshole!

So I said "let there be light!"
And shoved yo mama outa the way!

To be continued...

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