Yo Mama Jokes!!

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It gets better as you get to the end

Yo mama so fat,
She doesn't need internet,
Because she's already worldwide!

Yo mama so stupid,
She put a quarter in each ear,
And thought she was listening to 50cent!

Yo mama so old,
Her first Christmas,
was the first christmas!

Yo mama so skinny, when she turns and sticks her tongue out,
She looks like a zipper!

Yo mama so hairy,
When she gave birth to you,
You got carpet burn!

Yo mama so stupid,
she made an appointment,
with Dr.Pepper!

Yo mama so skinny,
when she turns,
She disappears!

Yo mama so old,
When she farts,
Dust comes out!

Yo mama so short,
She jumped off the bed,
And commuted suicide!

Yo mama so ugly,
One direction,
Went the other direction!

Yo mama so fat,
Her belly button gets home,
15 minutes before she does!

Yo mama so ugly,
At the strip club people pay her,
To keep her clothes on!

Yo mama so ugly,
She gives Freddy Krooger,

To be continued...

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