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Low IQ Supporting Female, Waiting for Death Online Chapter 21:
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Chapter Twenty-One

Shen Yingying has been waiting outside the ward for a while. Zhou Hai sat next to her, watching her silent and sad face with her head down, and said, "Miss Ye has been in bad health since childhood, and Zhong will always worry more about her."

Shen Yingying bit her lip, and was angry when she thought of Ye Wei's domineering appearance. Of course, she was still more sad at this moment. Zhong Shen didn't seem to believe her, thinking she was bullying Ye Wei, but it was clear that Ye Wei was bullying her. Not only So she pretended to be sick!

Ye Wei is too deliberate, she has been framed twice by her!

She was a little nervous and shy: "Do you also think I'm bullying Ye Wei?"

Zhou Hai is Zhong Shen. To him, Zhong Shen is his sole boss. He only needs to listen to him. Shen Yingying and Ye Wei are the same to him. They can both "not listen". Within range. Of course, they are all the same. They are one of the few women around the boss, that is, people who need his thoughts.

And Shen Yingying is even more special. She was friends with him without knowing Zhong Shen's identity. To Zhong Shen, she was afraid that Shen Yingying was also special.

"I don't know the specific situation, so I can't discuss it."

Shen Yingying didn't expect Zhou Hai to say so, and could not help feeling even more lost: "Even if you say so, Zhong Shen will definitely think so, but I don't ..."

Zhou Hai: "..." Did he say anything?

But he was used to silence, and naturally did not refute.

After waiting for a while, Zhong Shen finally came out of the ward. When he saw Shen Yingying, he was still a little surprised. Shen Yingying stood up and looked at him without talking, with expectations in her eyes that she hadn't found.

Zhong Shen said: "Zhou Hai, send Shen Yingying to the company."

Zhou Hai answered, Shen Yingying didn't expect Zhong Shen to kick her away without saying a word, and her expectations in her heart became angry: "Wait, I have something to say."

The man looked at her coldly, "What do you want to say?"

Shen Yingying raised her chin and said earnestly: "Zhong Shen, I did not hurt Ye Wei. We were all fine when we spoke, and she suddenly felt bad when you came ..."

"Shen Yingying." Zhong Shen said, "Ye Wei has a heart attack, and no one knows when she will get sick."

Shen Yingying: "..."

She just felt a pain in her heart: "So you don't believe me?"

Zhong Shen: "You may have said something inadvertently, it was an unintentional move, which is not to blame you."

Shen Yingying said decisively: "I said I didn't. Do you believe me?"

"Well." Zhong Shen commanded Zhou Hai again, "send her back to the company."

Shen Yingying laughed at herself, too. Ye Wei and him have known each other for so long. How many days did she and him know? He must believe what Ye Wei said, but not her.

Yes, Zhong Shen didn't trust her.

Although this cognition made her sad, it was a fact that Zhong Shen did not believe her.

She stubbornly said, "Whether you believe it or not, anyway, I don't have it, and Shen Yingying disdains to do that kind of thing."

Zhong Shen frowned. When he wanted to say something, he saw the door of the ward opened. Ye Wei, pale and fragile, suddenly appeared at the door. She looked at Zhong Shen with a smile, and stepped forward to hug his arm, then turned to look Shen Yingying, with a pale face and a smile, looks innocent and simple: "Zhong Shen, I'm fine, don't blame her. Seeing you so fierce, it scares people. Shen Yingying, aren't you scared? Zhong Shen is like this. Outsiders don't know him, they will feel terrible. "

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