The Last Ride List

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Chapter 1

I woke up to my alarm going off reminding me I had to get to work and after that I had training school for my lifetime service at temple. My headache hurt at the thought of all the things I wouldn't get to experience.

I wouldn't get to kiss a boy. I wouldn't get pregnant. I would never hold a child of my own. I was going to be a fucking virgin forever serving a goddess that didn't give a damn about me. I had already been stamped with the symbol of the goddess on my right hand. It was a circle with blue ink heart in the center.

My conscripted service would begin in three weeks to the temple. I sighed when I heard an alarm on my stream pad.

I got up walked over to my work station and picked up the tablet. "Open message."

I stared and was frozen in shock. I had been sent a short message by *Bill-smokeMan.
Oh. Here's the list
1. Buy a ride
2. Do something wild in it.
3. Get a cyborg to hot wire for realm travel.
4. Get fitted for cybernetic link in index finger.
5. Get some exercise.
6. Start smoking.
7. Drive out of realm.
Get on item 1 today. Remember it's on you bro.


What hell does bro mean on his homeworld?

Damn was this so....real. this was real. Bill was real. If he was real then. Then. There was a chance this stupid list. This weird list could be my ticket off this world and out of conscription service. This was my chance.

No. No. This was just some stupid game that-

"Alex. Alex. You will be late for your job and don't forget your honorable service is today." Flowers said gentle. She was my personal maid/guard for my service. She had been hired by my family two days ago.

I heard the door open. She came in bring in a sweet scent of chocolate rainbow. My favorite chocolate bar. She slipped in to my free hand.

"Hmm. That's a interesting list is it your last ride list?" She asked and then turned to go to bathroom.

I frowned at the name. I hadn't heard that before. I watched her go inside my bathroom to get the shower going.

I frowned at her as she got the water going in my shower Testing the water with her hand. She started to sing a song I never heard before that sound lovely.

"What's a last ride list?"

Flowers smiled at me and got up looking to get my clothes ready. "Oh it's a last chance to get you kicks off before you have to go into service. All the young girls are doing those secretly of course these days. Kinda like a holy quest of sorts. Would you like to wear your nice pink uniform today?"

Hmm. I liked that. It wasn't the truth but it would be a nice cover story or it might end up being the truth. I had to take a chance. I had to chance it. This might be my last chance to get out of this realm and get laid. Still I had to wonder.

"Flowers how did you hear about such a list? I haven't heard any females conscripted taking a last ride of sorts."

Flowers giggled. "And you never will. Their maids talk occasionally when we run into each other or talk on streaming boards online. If your going to do it miss now would be a good time. You've got three weeks. Have a little fun but be safe and secret about it. Miss what you like to wear the pink or the lavender uniform?"

"Lavender. Flowers please step out a bit while I change I have to think some stuff through. I have a busy day today." I said already making up my mind.

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