My friend Ross has been one of the closest friends I've ever had, besides Rydel. We've known each other since middle school, when he used to talk to me every day, as I didn't have any friends. He tried to introduce me to his group, but he stayed by my side when I was refused by them, and by everyone else.

Rydel? She's different, she's older than me, and I see her as the older sister I've never had. She really likes sleepovers and I'd better let her paint my nails and do girly things or else I don't get chocolate! We don't have sleepovers that often now as we're all really busy, and she has found her true love, Ellington Ratliff.

When we had sleepovers, Rydel didn't allow boys to come in her room. But, when she was already asleep, Ross would sneak in and sleep with me so I didn't have nightmares. Even in his childhood, Ross was a gentleman.

When we got older, we stopped having sleepovers in Rydel's room and moved to Ross' room, without Rydel. We didn't like each other, but we wanted to experiment the wild and unknown world of sex.

We finally came to an agreement, we would keep our intercourse as a secret. We would still be friends, but at a certain time, we could become sex friends, and afterwards, act like nothing happened.

This is basically a summary of what has been happening during the past few years.

Author's Note

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