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sickness and separation (r.l) by xkatielouisex1
sickness and separation (r.l)by katie
bad days make good days better...
Love in LA • a Ross Lynch Fanfic °°BOOK 2°° by Crazy_Girl_SA
Love in LA • a Ross Lynch Fanfic °...by Crazy_Girl_SA
Tori and Ross have been through a lot together. A psychopathic stalker, suicide, rape, court trials, deaths, hate, an unloving father and much more. But what happens whe...
We all change(auslly fanfic) by _rauraauslly_1
We all change(auslly fanfic)by Rauras jelena
Austin Moon the bad boy of Marino High school Met the new nerd of the school Ally Dawson. Austin Had a girlfriend named Kira that is the popular girl at school. Some dra...
R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1
R5's Little Sisterby AMarieV1
What would happen if R5 had a little sister? What if she ran away? What would happen to R5? What would happen to her? Follow R5's little sister Riley on the adventure sh...
Love In London • a Ross Lynch Fanfic [Book 1] by Crazy_Girl_SA
Love In London • a Ross Lynch Fanf...by Crazy_Girl_SA
"You're so incredibly strong to be able to live through such a difficult life. If that's not the true definition of beauty - being that strong - then I don't know w...
Short Skirts/ A Ryland Lynch Fanfic by sweeteststorieshere
Short Skirts/ A Ryland Lynch Fanficby Sweeteststorieshere
He was a senior, she was a freshman. His thoughts were fowl, hers were pure innocence. What happens when the high school try attend set up a big sibling-little sibling...
Ross Lynch's Adopted Daughter by megprice_xox
Ross Lynch's Adopted Daughterby Meg
Ross adopted a little girl when she was 2 months old and Ross was 18. They grew super close over the years. What happens when she finds out she's adopted? Will that chan...
It All Started With A Concert - A Raura/R5 FanFiction by Pennygeorgia
It All Started With A Concert - A...by Penny
"He leaned in and slowly closed his eyes, his lips were now so close to mine, I could feel his warm breathe." It was at Laura's first R5 concert. Outside the v...
Bad Lynch's Get Punished by sweeteststorieshere
Bad Lynch's Get Punishedby Sweeteststorieshere
When Riker is put in charge he decides to punish the Lynch kids and Ratliff with spanking, diapers, or wedgies when they get in trouble
here comes forever (raura) by raura20000
here comes forever (raura)by raura2000
(raura story!!!) two broken hearts, one more broken than the other, and the other that thinks it has healed but hasn't. they both need each other to survive. They promis...
R5 Imagines ♥ by wishingonthestarsss
R5 Imagines ♥by Kim♡
Imagines about R5 and Ryland!
Surprises Come & Go *Raura* by lauraxrossxraura
Surprises Come & Go *Raura*by lauraxrossxraura
It's Ross's birthday he's Turing 21 they go to Vegas for it what if someone unexpected comes and surprises them what will happen?? Read and find out
Falling Backwards by rockylynchxo
Falling Backwardsby -gotcha-
Rocky and Alyson have a whirlwind romance, but unexpected things keep occurring that change their lives entirely, will they be able to have the young adult romance every...
Life with the lynches by kittycumber
Life with the lynchesby Riley nicole lynch
Riley Lynch is 14 and she is related to the lynches, yes the famous family band R5. usually shes the forgotten one because she cant play instruments like her brothers an...
Sex Mates R5 (new!) by mirdrawing
Sex Mates R5 (new!)by mirdrawing
*lot of sex chapters! 'I seriously love it here, im fucking with every single man in this house, Riker, Ross, Rocky and sometimes Ellington. But the most of the time, Ry...
Couples Challenge by R5RauraAuslly
Couples Challengeby R5RauraAuslly
5 couples from around America are randomly chosen to attend a couples challenge at a secret location. Malex, Spendy, Cailey, Tessie and Auslly.
Not Only My Bestfriend's Little Sister by sweeteststorieshere
Not Only My Bestfriend's Little Si...by Sweeteststorieshere
Mackenzie Ratliff. Close with her brother Ellington and considered a sister to the Lynch's. Not for long. You probably already know almost everything about Ellington L...
The Rebel Next Door  by sweeteststorieshere
The Rebel Next Door by Sweeteststorieshere
"Ross, you don't know me, so don't try and assume things about me!" She shouted at me. "You're right I don't know anything about you, this is why we need...