"so Spencer huh?" I said to West, Eldon and Hunter as we all stood at a grill attempting to cook. Even though we all know Emily and Riley will eventually take over
"Man I reckon you lot would get along with him really well" Hunter said smiling in their direction
"how long has that been a thing?" Eldon asked
"about 4 ish years I think" Hunter said making me raise a brow, it solidified it was serious

"She seems happy" West said nodding in Riley's direction
"She is" Hunter said
"honestly, she's become a brand new person. Sort of how she did back when you guys dated" He said making me chuckle but I also couldn't help but have a slight twinge in my chest
"Boys" Riley said making her way over
"I swear, I'm doing it right" Hunter groaned making Riley chuckle, she placed her hand on his shoulder before peering over his shoulder and then smirking at him

"What's the verdict" We hear Emily call making the little group with her laugh
"All good" Riley said before standing next to me filling up her cup
"So miss Maid of Honour" Eldon said making her chuckle
"Yes?" She asked
"What's been going on in Riley world?" West asked and she shrugged
"Not a lot if i'm honest" She chuckled
"Bull shit" Hunter said making my roll her eyes

I looked at Riley to see a small smile playing on her lips while she looked at her soon to be brother in law
"Wanna share?" Eldon asked and Riley shrugged
"I bought a dance studio" She said making all us widen our eyes
"Riley that's amazing" I said making her smile
"It's a lot of work but it'll get there" She smiled
"Are you open yet?" West asked and she shook her head
"Opening day is a little while after the wedding" She said making Hunter roll her eyes

"She did it that way so Emily couldn't micromanage to stop a travesty like when she was Studio head" Hunter teased 
"Duh, I want to do this on my own. I'm not going to be in her shadows this time around too" she said making me look at her confused
"what do you mean?" I asked making her look up at me

"With A-Troupe I was always Emily's little sister, we can all pretend I was my own person but it wasn't until she was injured and left that I was Riley but then even then I wasn't - I was apart of Jiley" She said making me pout a little
"That's not me saying I regret us James, i'm just saying I like this time to be Riley and Riley alone" She said making me nod

"no no I get that, I can see where you are coming from" I said
"Regionals you had the drama with Em, Nationals we had the issue with Beth, Internationals it was band and Ella then when you were Studio head it was Alfie" I said and she nodded
"Exactly, I don't want that this time around" Riley explained making all of us nod

"But Spencer?" West asked making Riley nod again
"he's fully aware of it and isn't involved at all with the Studio. He has his job, I have mine it's as simple as anything" Riley said


"When did we grow up enough for this deep shit?" West asked making us all laugh before we were joined by Emily and Spencer 
The moment Spencer joined us he smiled at Riley wrapping his arms around either side of her as she cuddled back into him

I won't lie, it's a little bitter sweet seeing Riley and Spencer. Like I'm glad she's happy, like I'm over the moon but at the same time. It sucks that she needed someone else to make her this kind of happy
"hey sweetie" Jess said coming over wrapping her arms round my neck while mine sat on her waist
"Have we got a little party going on here" She chuckled making all of us join her
"I just wanted to make sure the boys weren't destroying the meet" Emily said taking the tongs off of Hunter who started poking her sides until she gave them back

"We were all just catching up" Riley said smiling in my direction
"I bet you all have a lot to catch up" Spencer said making Riley nod still staying in his arms
"When was the last time you came home Riley?" Jess asked and Riley shrugged
"I've come home for a day or two here and there but properly like this? Maybe 4 years?" She asked looking at Riley
"The last time you came home for an extended visit was right when you and Spence first started dating" Emily said 

"So almost 5 years" Spencer asked pulling Riley in a little closer making her giggle slightly
"Must be" She shrugged
"you went that long? I couldn't do that" Jessica said making me give her a slightly confused looked

"Well I guess I'm lucky, a lot of people come to visit and what not" Riley shrugged before giving me the same look I had just given Jessica, I shrugged making Riley pull another face

I don't know what was going on there but best believe I'll speak to Jess about it later 

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