~𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓇𝓉𝑒𝑒𝓃~

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Am I sleeping on clouds well almost? My pillow is hard but warm? My hard pillow moves a little

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Am I sleeping on clouds well almost? My pillow is hard but warm? My hard pillow moves a little. Well, that's weird, this must be some kind of weird dream.

I snuggle more into my pillow. The couch was not this comfortable when we were watching movies.

I need to talk to Nikolai about our sleeping arrangements or if Alina and I could have one of the many apartments he owns but never uses. I need clothes Alina needs clothes and toys she can't watch TV all day just to keep her entertained.

I need female products but I could ask Anastasie for some until I can get my hands on my own later today. Also, I need to talk to Nikolai to make it clear there is nothing between us and our relationship can be parenting Ali- I feel hands squeeze my waist.

What the hell.

I open my eyes to be met with Nikolai's gorgeous face, a feeling of deja vu washes over me as I look at the calm expression on his face. With messy morning hair that makes me want to run my hands through them all morning. He is showing a little stubble on his jaw making me wonder if it will poke me when he has his head between my thighs or will—.

I clench my thighs together trying to get rid of the aching feeling that wants me to test my theory.

No...no, no, no, I need to stop this. I need to get away from him before I end up doing something I'll regret. 

My eyes think to have a mind of their own as my gaze travels to his bare chest. His hard but smooth warm chest that...my hand is...hugging. I should remove my hand but there's no damage being done if I just run my hand down his chest for a little right?

I shut my eyes tightly. I'm so fucked. Slowly opening one eye my gaze once again finds his bare chest but this time lower.

Nope, not happening, forcing my gaze somewhere else straight ahead nowhere near his mouth-watering chest. I slowly remove his hands that are wrapped tighter than necessary around my waist. Once I'm free I exhale a breath of relief as I look down my body to see I have the same clothes I had yesterday relief we didn't have sex but gross because I need a shower.

But first I need to find Alina. Why can't I wake up to my baby sleeping next to me like how it has been for the past four years. There has not been one day I never woke up to her beautiful face in the morning or her taking more than half our bed.

Twisting the door handle slowly making sure to be quiet, not wanting to start my day with his arrogant ass. A frown forms on my face when the door is locked. Great now I'm locked with his arrogant ass and probably won't get out until he lets me.

Walking towards him ready to wake him up and demand him to open the door and tell me where Alina is at but I know how to pick a lock I just need to find a bobby pin.

I need to pee first. My bladder is small and can't hold any longer. After I'm done I find an extra toothbrush in the cabinet and brush my teeth. Now I somewhat feel clean, actually, no scratch that I don't feel clean at all I feel all greasy and sweaty.

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