XXXVII. Pass It On

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"When you love something, you protect it."

The Marvel movie Jungwon was watching had struck him with that one line.

The line spoke to him. He remembers what he did for them because he loves them deeply despite the short time they knew each other.

Sure it's cheesy, but it's the truth.

Just as he was watching the next scenes of the movie, he heard ringing from his phone.

His alarm went off - it was time for the moment he was waiting for - confronting the rest of his friend group.

Jake suggested that he confront everyone at the same time in the same place to make things more efficient.

As always, Jay's place was the one where they all gathered.

But considering Jay has an issue with Jungwon, plus the gun incident back in Heeseung's birthday - it might be a dangerous idea for Jungwon to appear there first.

Jungwon doesn't know anything about this though. Jake probably should have told him about it.


After stepping outside of the taxi, Jungwon stared at the incredible exterior design of the house he went to.

The wooden gate and black aesthetic were absolutely stunning.

Though, it shouldn't be a surprise. Jay is one of the rich ones of the group - it's not unusual for something that nice to be Jay's.

Jungwon rang the doorbell - or should it be called gate-bell since it was attached to the gate? Whatever no one cares.

He waited for someone to open the gate - but once again his awe for the house was fueled by the sudden automatic opening of the gates.

"Woahh, so cool!" Jungwon said. Despite what happened, he still has a heart of a child.

He walked up the pebble pathway, then knocked on the main door of the house.

He didn't wait long - the doors were immediately opened by the house owner.

"Yang Jungwon. So glad to finally see you." Jay said with a smile.

Jungwon took it as a welcoming remark, but the truth is - it was sarcastic.

Jungwon entered the household, Jay just right behind him.

"Alright let's cut to the chase." Jay said, pulling Jungwon by the shoulder so that he can face him.

Both of them stared at each other - Jay with his glaring eyes - as serious as ever. While Jungwon was confused as to what is happening.

"What are you, Yang?"

"W-what do you mean??" Jungwon stuttered not because of nervousness, but genuine confusion.

"Your friend Katsumi turned into a monster and took control of me!! What is she and what are you??!"

Jungwon should've known this was going to happen. But if he tells the truth - everyone might be afraid and stay away from him.

Aside from having powers, Jungwon's a good actor too.

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