~𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝓌𝑒𝓁𝓋𝑒~

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As we eat in silence I can feel his heated gaze land on me a couple of times

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As we eat in silence I can feel his heated gaze land on me a couple of times. Not wanting to get lost in his stormy eyes I avoid looking in his direction. Instead, I make silly faces to Alina which makes her laugh and replies with silly but cute faces.

I hope being here doesn't burn out her happy and innocent personality. I'm gonna do my best to keep her away from anything and everything Nikolai does for a living. I'm going to protect her like nobody did when I was alone and scared.

"Mommy," Alina asked, looking up from the almost finished plate. "Yes, baby."

"Can—" before she can continue a loud ring breaks throughout the dining room. Nikolai pulls out his phone from his pocket and stands up after looking at the screen.

"I have to go, little fighter." He kisses Alina on the forehead making her smile big.

He doesn't even look at me as he walks past me with the phone to his ear. "What?" His cold and sharp voice demanded throughout the dining room making a weird shiver run down my spine. I turn to look in his direction, only getting a glimpse of his wide buildup shoulders and fitted back that is covered with a white dress shirt that fits like a second layer of skin.

My train of thought is cut off by a little voice. "Mommy, mommy!" I turn my gaze to Alina who is getting off her chair and stands in front of mine looking up at me through her thick and long lashes.

"Can we have movie night?" she blinks those long lashes at me again with her top lip between her teeth and her bottom in a pout. How could I ever say no to that face?

"Of course, we can my little monster." Her face lights up flashing me a huge smile.

"Yaaay!" she jumped up and down with so much excitement. "But first you have to finish your food okay." She mumbles an 'okay' before going back to her seat and finishing the last couple of bites of her mac and cheese, her favorite.

"Finished!" she exclaimed with chubby cheeks that are filled with food chewing so fast her jaw probably ached. "Baby, slow down." I laugh at her cuteness.

How can she be so cute?

How can such a cruel man create such a cute adorable little girl? Wait no I raised her I was the one who gave her such a dangerless life I was the one who kept her away from the killing, guns, and drugs. Not him. God knows how my Alina would be if I never left. Her childhood would be caged in here like I was. Like I Am. I shake those thoughts away cause I don't want to think how our life would have been. It doesn't matter we're stuck here now.

"Mommy, ice cream, movie." She runs towards the door to exit the dining room. God, she is so energetic. I don't think sugar is such a good idea. I ran after her not wanting to take my eyes off her for one second. This place is so big I still haven't been to some areas of the house. Why would someone want such a big house?

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