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He was sitting on a couch, surrounded by 3 people. The blonde haired one was Kurapika, the black haired one was Leorio, and the green haired one was Gon. He shifted slightly, then sprawled out sideways on the couch. Might as well get it over with... "um..." Leorio, Kurapika, and Gon shared confused glances. "what...are you doing that for?" Leorio said, in confusion. Killua blinked, then frowned slightly. "You're not going to...touch me?" All three of them started in alarm, which was even more confusing. "W-What?" Gon stammered. "No" Kurapika said, "What made you think that?" Killua looked down at the brown fabric next to his face with a mumble. "That's what usually happens when he brings friends over..."

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw all three of them stiffen. "I never got an explanation on who he is or why he's here" Kurapika said slowly. Killua sat up, staring blankly downwards. Gon sighed. "I was trying to call Leorio, but I must've typed in the wrong number because I called him instead" He started, gesturing to Killua. "I was about to hang up when I realized there was a lot of wind, I asked why there was wind and he said it was because he was standing on a building...about to jump" Kurapika and Leorio's eyes both widened in shock. "That's why you left so quick wasn't it..." Kurapika said, glancing over at him. Gon nodded. "I managed to get there just as he started to fall, I was able to grab him but a moment later and I'd have been too late" Then Leorio looked over at Killua. "But why? Why would he try to commit suicide?"

Gon let out a frustrated breath. "I was in the middle of asking him that when you yelled and he slipped" They all glanced over at him, but Killua didn't speak. "The one thing I remember is him saying something about...a girl?" Killua's breath hitched, Kurapika became attentive. "What was her name?" Killua's hands trembled slightly, the word came out in a whisper. "A-Alluka..." Gon shifted forward a little, "Who...was she?" Killua felt his eyes start to tear up and he looked away. "My little sister..." There was silence for a while, then Leorio spoke. "Let's go back do more simple questions, what's your name?" Killua wiped his eyes, before turning back towards them. "Killua" Kurapika grabbed a notepad and started writing things down. "How old are you?"

Killua had to think hard about that, he hadn't celebrated his birthday in a while. "17...I think" Gon frowned slightly. "You...think?" Killua shrugged. "The last time I celebrated my birthday I was 13...that was 4 years ago about" Gon smiled. "When is your birthday?" Killua shifted slightly again. "July 7th..." There was silence for a few moments, then Killua looked down with a mumble. "So...who am I staying with?" Kurapika frowned slightly. "You're not...going back to your own house?" Killua shook his head. Leorio glanced at Kurapika's confused expression. "Why not?" He shrugged. "Last time I was there was a month before my 14th birthday" Gon shifted a little. "Where have you been staying then?"

"His house..." Kurapika sighed. "Who's?" Killua averted his eyes. "My boyfriend's" The other three shared a quick glance and a few words, but Killua wasn't exactly paying attention. "Can you...tell me about him?" Leorio asked. Killua stiffened a little, then moved backwards half an inch. "No" I don't...feel comfortable around them. Gon smiled. "It doesn't have to be a name or a description, it could be something like his age or his favorite color" Killua fidgeted a little with a loose string on the couch. "Pink...and he's 25"

The trio froze for a moment. "Didn't you say...you were 17?" Leorio said slowly. He nodded, the three looked deeply concerned. "Has he...touched you?" Killua shifted away from Kurapika, not feeling comfortable with answering that question. "Mm..." Kurapika reached out and grabbed his arm, Killua stiffened but didn't fight it. "Wait!" Kurapika paused, then both him and Leorio glanced over their shoulders at Gon. "Let him go" He blinked, then frowned slightly. "I'm just trying to get him to-", "Can't you see how uncomfortable he is?"

Killua's eyes widened slightly, snapping over to Gon. Did I make it too obvious? "I-I'm not..." He tried to protest, but then Kurapika looked at his face. Killua's lips parted slightly, getting a memory of one of his boyfriend's blonde friends slipping a hand up his shirt- "W-" Killua flinched as Kurapika's voice snapped him out of the memory, then tried his best to force his breathing to be steady. The hand removed itself and he scooted back a little, then self-consciously draped an arm over his chest with slightly tense posture. "If you don't feel comfortable, then why do you try to hide it?" Kurapika said in concern. Killua looked away, then as Leorio put a hand on his leg he got another memory. Another one of his boyfriend's friends, this one had black hair. In the memory he felt a hand slide up his leg and along the curve of his-

"Leorio stop!" Kurapika's voice snapped him out of his memory again, which is when he realized his right hand was trembling slightly. Leorio snatched his hand back with a startled expression. Kurapika frowned in concern. "It seems to be touch that triggers it, we shouldn't-" Gon reached out. Kurapika broke off and grabbed his arm as Killua felt a light touch on his hand. "Gon don't-" Killua's breath hitched, then just as Gon started to pull away he twined his fingers around his. The other two fell silent, then Gon murmured. "I think you two...should go" Kurapika and Leorio glanced at each other for a moment, then silently left the room.

There was silence for a few moments, then Gon spoke. "Do you...wanna talk about it?" Killua's breath hitched, and he looked down. "N-No..." Gon sighed, then pulled him closer. Killua was slightly nervous, close proximities of bodies usually meant something he didn't feel comfortable with. But then, he felt arms gently wrap around him. Is he...hugging me? Just...a hug? That's it? Killua's arms trembled slightly as he hugged Gon back, burying his face into his shoulder. I never thought something like this could feel nice. Killua was used to discomfort and pain every time he was touched, but this...this wasn't uncomfortable.

Then he felt a hand run through his hair and he shuddered slightly. He got another flashback, this one of a black haired woman with glasses. She always pet his hair and called him a good boy. But...she didn't hurt me. Maybe Gon is like her? He didn't like his hair being pet, but it was better than getting touched anywhere else. He unconsciously let out a sound that resembled a mewl, habits didn't exactly shake easily when it's been forced upon you for a good part of 3 years. Gon's hand stilled, then he spoke. "Did you just...meow?" Killua scooted backwards with a nervous hum, looking down. "U-Umm..." is it weird? Did he not like it? Killua froze. Will he...punish me for it? He always got punished when he did something that displeased his boyfriend, since he was Gon's toy now surely he'd do the same.

Gon laughed. "It was adorable" He glanced up, tense posture fading. "O-Oh...mh..." He likes it when I do that? I'll remember. "But...why?" Gon asked curiously. Killua shrugged slightly. "Dunno..." Probably just habit. He shifted a little, then forced himself to let out another meow. If it pleased him, he should do it. Gon frowned slightly. "You don't...have to do that, I just said it was cute" Killua blinked. Isn't...that the same thing? Even though he didn't understand, he nodded. Gon smiled. "Well...it's late. How about we go to bed?" He nodded, then followed Gon to a room. He sat down on the bed, then was about to speak when Killua settled down next to him. Gon blinked. "There's...a futon over there if you want to sleep on that" He said, sounding slightly confused. Killua blinked. "I...was just gonna...sleep here." Gon was silent for a few moments, and his eyes widened. W-Wait, is he telling me I can't sleep here? "O-Or I can sleep there if t-that's what-" Gon sighed. "No it's fine, I just...thought you would. You can sleep on the bed if you want to" Killua nodded, then curled up on the left side of the bed. Gon blinked, then slipped under the covers and turned his back. Killua closed his eyes, then drifted into sleep.

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