Chapter twenty-one✔️

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🔥Mature Content🔥

Andy Anders

It's been two weeks since the race. Two weeks since Nick and I had slept together for the second time. And everyday after that we've been going at it like bunnies.

Every chance we'd get, he'd strip me of my clothes and take me. My house. His house. His office and I even felt nostalgic at one point so we did it behind the bleachers at my university. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. In every position possible he was able to fulfill all my needs.

Tonight is Halloween and Bella, Mike, Ethan and I are going to this Halloween party at this club that I recently discovered. I told Nick about it but he told me that he might be busy that night. Whatever. I'll have fun with or without him.

We all agreed to take an Uber and meet there since we all plan on drinking tonight. I haven't seen Jace in two weeks but I honestly don't give a fuck. He can hang out with fucking Scarlet. I plan on confronting her soon because I've been dying to punch the living shit out her for going to coach about my drug problem. I haven't touched a single drug since I've been hospitalized, except for cigarettes because well, that's a hard addiction to let go of. Ethan and I have gotten somewhat closer. He's still the same annoying fucker as the first day I met him but he's harmless. He's actually planning on inviting the blonde girl with hot pink tips for tonight. I think her name is either Jordan or Josie. I don't know, something with a J.

It's already almost eight at night and I've just finished getting out of the shower. I have my costume laid down on my bed and I grin at it. Tonight I will be dressing up as sexy ghost face. It's a skin tight strapless dress with fishnet sleeves. I have it paired with black elbow high gloves and knee high stilettos. I'm going to look so hot tonight. I have my black lace set on when I hear my phone ding with a text. Grabbing my phone I frown when I see it's from Nick.

Nick: Have fun tonight, princess.

Deciding to be bratty, I put on the ghost face mask and lay flat on my bed to take a picture of myself and send it to him. Angling my body so that one leg is over the other and my tits are pressed together, I take a quick picture and send it to him.

Me: If only you were coming so you can rip this off me...

Not even a minute later I get a text back.

Nick: You're playing with fire baby, and I wouldn't be the only one coming if I was there with you tonight.

My cheeks flush a crimson color and I rub my thighs together to soothe the ache that's building in my core. I send a quick "Shame" text before putting my phone away and finish getting ready for tonight. Taking off the mask, I go back to my bathroom to straighten my hair and do my makeup. I figured since I will be wearing a mask most of the night, I decided to just do a simple look. After getting ready, I look at myself in the mirror and run my hands down my body because holy shit I look hot.

Heading out of my room towards my kitchen, I take out some tequila from my cabinet and down two shots as my pregame. I send Bella a text letting her know that I'm calling an Uber now and that I'll be at the club in twenty minutes. When I get the notification that my Uber is here, I take a final shot and grab my mask before leaving through the front door and into the car.

It takes fifteen minutes to get to the club and I ignore every skimpy and provocative remark that the Uber driver makes. Right before I get out of the car, I flip him off and tell him to fuck off.

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