~𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝒻𝑜𝓊𝓇~

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The splash of blood hits my neck and my white shirt that's now dirty with blood. But I don't stop smashing his head with the hammer.

I still can't calm down my anger.

My men did some research on the two men and found out that they raped little girls. Disgust and angrily coursed through my body.

I look down at the lifeless body that has blood, bruises, cuts, burns even his fingers are missing.

"Who are you working for?" I say in a calm but deadly tone. I turn towards the other man tied to the chair next to his now dead friend.

"I just killed your friend so I expect an answer or the same will happen to you." The man flinched when I came closer to him with the hammer. Good, he should be terrified.

The man had severe fingers missing on each hand. Cuts over his whole body. A knife still deep in his left leg, teeth on the floor. His right eye is gone and replaced with a black and white dice.

Well, now it's a bloody dice.

This is Viktor's signature sign: he pulls out their eyeball and puts a black and white dice.

He's crazy but my best man. That's why he's my second in command and like a brother to me. 

The man doesn't say anything. Viktor found him snooping around our warehouse last night and now I want to know who sent him.

I am the most feared Russian mafia leader. I have a lot of enemies that want to know what's going on in my warehouses or what's my next move.   

I'm getting more frustrated the more he stays silent. I squat down in front of him to be at his eye level. His head hangs down and he looks like he's about to give up due to all the fun Viktor had. Viktor can be a crazy fucker when it comes to torturing people.

I grabbed the man by his jaw, my fingers digging into his flesh so hard I started to hear his jaw crack, getting a scream from him.

"Last chance, who are you fucking working for?" I hissed angrily, giving him a deathly glare. Still, he doesn't say anything. I give him a smirk.

Let's have some fun then.

I walked over to the table where we have all the weapons we use when they don't speak. I have to teach this man a lesson when I ask a question I expect an answer.

I don't like being disrespected.

I picked up a blow torch and my favorite blade from the table. I make my way back to the man. Viktor has a smirk on his face with amusement in his eyes still playing with his blade in his hand.

The man's eyes widened when he saw the blue flames make contact with the blade. Getting the blade ready to burn this fucker. He finally speaks up.

"Fuck you go to hell!" He yelled blood coming out of his mouth, causing me to chuckle darkly and shake my head.

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