Chapter 2

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The air was so stagnant for a moment, and a needle could be heard from the room. Chu Xuan looked at Yan Mengsheng, and Yan Mengsheng looked at the nasal blisters.

    Yan Mengsheng retracted his hand in disgust, took out a tissue from his pocket and began to wipe the back of his hand, comparing hard, the back of his white hand was abruptly rubbed with red marks, and he didn't even stop, like a bipolar episode. .

    Judging from his expression, Yan Mengsheng must have become even more angry. His expression was a bit sullen, his eyes were covered with red blood, and he squinted his eyes fiercely at him from time to time.

    Chu Xuan was so frightened by Yan Mengsheng that he didn't dare to say anything.

    Finally, he stopped when he wiped the back of his hand to a flush. Yan Mengsheng looked at the red back of his hand, the turmoil in his heart gradually increased, and slowly clenched his fist, remembering his mother's hand cut by the vase for protecting himself.

.He doesn't believe that his mother is a woman who is greedy for money and money, let alone climbed onto his father's bed because of her love for money and money!

    Why did those people insult his mother so much?

    Thinking of this, Yan Mengsheng's eye sockets were faintly red, and his eyes became dark and merciless. He raised his eyelids and slowly looked at the child in front of him, his mouth slowly rising in a bloodthirsty arc.

    Chu Xuan looked at Yan Mengsheng's cold eyes, and his heart also chilled for a moment.

    Why... isn't it that crying works? Isn't it a weakness?

    Chu Xuan was dead, no matter what he did with it, it was useless. He doesn't want to cry anymore, since he is about to die, he must be dignified. But his wet eyes didn't listen to his thoughts at all, tears were still streaming down, the tip of his nose was red, and his cheeks turned red from crying.

    Just die, Chu Xuan stopped speaking.

.Yan Mengsheng narrowed his black eyes and stared at the boy in front of him, making his annoying cry disappear. His face was pale, and his small body couldn't stop shaking, like a fragile porcelain white ceramic doll, which was about to shatter at any time. Staring at yourself is like looking at a demon.

    Yan Mengsheng noticed the slight change in the expression of the delicate boy in front of him, but his heart suddenly calmed down strangely. The boy's cute little face was full of tears, shining brightly, and even the thin and thick eyelashes were stained with a few teardrops.

    The boy hiding in the corner is like a pitiful and fragile animal. He tries to hide but has nowhere to escape. He can easily twist his neck with one hand.

.Yan Mengsheng frowned suddenly, the boy's expression made him very annoying, "Why?" He paused, his black eyes seemed to look into his heart, his teeth were still clenched, his voice was still extremely cold, "Want to break the photo?"

    The knuckles of his fist clenched his hand were white, his nails fell into his palm, and there was no gap in his indifferent face.

    Chu Xuan's eyes widened slightly, he asked so, things are still turning around!

    Chu Xuan's eyes were red, and he only dared to cry silently. The milky voice was soft and hoarse after crying, "I'm sorry, brother, I didn't mean to..."

    Yan Mengsheng squinted his eyes halfway, wondering if what he was telling was the truth, but his violent anger was barely controlled, and his hideous expression was a little calmer.

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