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After the release of the fourth member's teaser,SM Entertainment didn't post any updates 4 days after. As you can see,the whole world is really anticipating their most awaited debut yet SM really do love to make us literally scratch our hands in excitement. 

But,as soon as Super Junior Heechul's solo debut teaser was released,another video teaser of the said member of the group was revealed. 

Red Velvet's member,Wendy,was first seen in the video,making small chitchats with an unknown girl. It seems like they were very close,almost sisters to be exact. Soon after,she introduced herself infront of the camera,with Wendy at the background,having a motherly smile.

"Annyeonghaseyo! Heijin imnida. Please anticipate the upcoming debut of group,we'll surely meet your expectations,chingus! Kekeke~" 

For her profile,you can check it out below!

korean name; ryu heijin

stage name; heijin

english name; hermie jane ryu

nickname; hermie/jane

portrayer; heo youngji

fictional birthday; april 12, 1994

fictional age; 21 years old

hometown; ontario, canada

currently stayin at; incheon, south korea

ethnicity; korean-american

nationality; korean

traits; ryu heijin is a mother material. she can do household chores, cooking, and when their leader is busy she's the one who is in-charge of taking care of her co-members. she hates doing aegyo because she thinks it sucks. she's also a positive and she's the crybaby in their group. she can also make other people laugh just by her simple acts.


+ she's a former JYP trainee

+ she grep up in ontario, canada but when she turns 13 they decided to fly back in korea.

+ she's a close friend of redvelvet's wendy because they live in the same country before.

+ she can speak 3 different languages fluently

+ die hard fan of the walking dead's norman reedus/daryl dixon.


+ doing letters for her co-members

+ watching the walking dead series

+ playing insturments esp. guitars

+ hanging out with her co-members

+ observing people

hidden talents;

+ imitating pikachu's voice

+ making mer members cry.


+ rabbits

+ reading horror/muderous stories

+ cute stuffs

+ music


+ demons

+ jerks/bitses

+ made in china

+ knives {but she can handle it}

love interest; mark yi-en tuan

interaction; mark and heijin met in canada back then together with wendy. they're friends but mark and heijin usually fight just because of a simple things. not until, heijin fell inlove with mark but mark ihas a crush on wendy. {aw saqt bha. ang cliche lyk yak amp}


fandom name; harmonies

fandom colors; sky blue

linked; jackson wang of got7

love rival; chorong of apink


+ ryu sujeong - sister

+ ryu hyeju - cousin x father side

close friends;

+ wendy

+ jinyoung

+ eunji

+ sehun

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