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B R E A K I N G N E W S!!!

A day after the teaser of the last member was released,now the teaser of the next member was posted! Her video teaser wasn't posted,instead, SM Entertainment released a predebut mixtape of Sheneth,rapping and doing her part for one of the songs in their debut mini-album. Her voice was featured in Koreaboo,Dispatch,and many more! In connection,the video reached Wu Yi Fan,and confirmed that the girl is her sister. He posted in his SNS Account that the netizens should anticipate the upcoming debut of her sister,despite the issues he is facing with the current entertainment of her sister.

You can check out her profile for more information below!

Korean Name: Wu Yi Shen

Stage Name: Sheneth Wu

English Name: Shereal

Nickname: She/Shen

Portrayer: Wendy of RV

Fictional Bday: Nov 16, 1997

Fictional Age: 17

Hometown : Vancouver, Canada

Currently Staying: Seoul, South Korea

Ethnicity: Chinese/Canadian

Nationality: Chinese-Canadian

Traits: Sheneth is the pretty easygoing type of person and very optimistic. She always acts as if she's the maknae because she's overpowering the real maknae when it comes to her hyperness, and also she gives energy to the other members especially to their leader. Her smile can give out a lot of meaning, and according to the other member she is the most dangerous one especially when the atmosphere around them suddenly becomes quiet, because when Sheneth isn't talking it's either she's totally irritated of pissed off, and when that happens no one can tame her. A total "bipolar". but on the contrary she's very thoughtful/considerate and takes care of the people around her well. She’s also really lovable.


- Labyrinth's translator. ( her specialty is translating a word into different languages.)

- Self proclaimed "fabulous"

- A huge fan of SNSD's Tiffany Hwang

- A walking model. (Everything she wears looks perfectly good on her.)

- Her family migrated at Vancouver when she was, three years old, moved in China when her brother joined EXO-M.

- She was supposed to be a part of red velvet.

- She can changed the whole mood in the dorm or practice room in a second.


-Basketball and Volleyball

- Dancing and Singing EXO's songs.


- Pissing her Manager

- Biting and hugging their Maknae. :)

Hidden Talents:

-she can rap all of Wu Yifan's line in every exo songs.

- she can do hip thrust perfectly ;)

- she can imitate Tiffany Hwang's eyesmile.

- she can be labyrinth's best actress!


- P I Z Z A

- books

- fabulous trends and unique outfits

- wifi


- creepy things

- insects

- horror

Love Interest: Jungkook(BTS)

Interaction: Jungkook met Sheneth because of their close friend Kim Seokjin, they became close with each other easily knowing that they both fluent in english. Mark is huge fan of her brother Kris, but the truth is he was a very huge fan and admirer of Sheneth since trainee days. The first time they met is when BigHit have given Sheneth a big offer but she turned it down because she wanted to be on the same industry as her brother. (But things changed, Wu Yifan left SMent.)


FN : FabBest

FC: Blue violet :)

Idols who will be linked to you :

Tao and Kai of EXO

Chanwoo of iKON

Mark of Got7

Love rival:

Krystal Jung

Relatives in the industry:

Wu Yifan (older brother)

Close friends in the industry:

RV and EXO

Jackson Wang

Amber Liu

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