{|Labyrinth; third member,revealed!|}

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On the same day the second member's profile was released, Taeyeon of SNSD,who is very active on instagram,posted a picture revealing a mystery girl,with Sooyoung photobombing at the back.

'@taeyeon_ss /insert picture/ Watched them practiced! I wished to have a picture with the other members but unfortunately they were called. I can't wait for their debut! ^^'

This time,the netizens became bees,literally buzzing everywhere on social media. The whole world is now anticipating the debut of the upcoming mixed gender group. At the same time,the profile of the mystery girl was released in the SM Website,with an audio clip attached on it.

"Hello guys! This is Yesha Kim and I am the main rapper,sub-vocal,and the maknae of our group,Labyrinth. Please do anticipate our upcoming debut. Kamsamhamnida! Fighting! ^^"

With the profile of the said maknae,below. Check it out,asap! 

Korean name: Kim Hyun-Ae
Stage name: Yesha
English Name: Yesha Kim
Nick name: Sha/Yesh
Portrayer: Yeri (Red Velvet)
Fictional Birthday: March 5, 1999
Fictional Age: 16
Hometown: Seoul, SK
Currently Staying: Seoul, SK
Ethnicity: Korean
Nationality: Korean
Traits: Yesha is a jolly and cheerful person. Whenever you are with her whatever your emotions is you will become happy when you are with her. She's good in advicing and comforting her friends also. She is a positive person.
Trivias: • Afraid of cockroaches • Can beat you in chess in one minute • She can make you cry in 30 second (lol) Hobbies: • Singing • Dancing • Rapping Hidden talents: • She can play different instruments Likes: • Fashion trends • Teddy bears • Pastel colors • Food • Cute kids Dislikes: • Assholes • Jerks • Grumpy man • Sasaengs • Bitches Love interest: Park Jimin Interaction: When they are having a photoshoot in a magazine then they started introducing themselves to each other then that's the start of their so called friendship then it will turn into a couple someday. -- Fandom name: yeshanism (lol) Fandom color: Pastel blue Idol who will be linked to you: • Mark of Got7 • Hanbin of IKon • Kim Taehyung of BTS Love Rival: Jiyeon of T-ara Relatives in the industry: • Bobby's cousin • Krystal and Jessica's sister Close Friends in the industry: • Soyeon of T-ara • Bang Minah of Girl's day • Nana of after school


Yas naman! Masipag me mag update ngayon hehe,kahit potahamnida ang lovelife hehehe mig0dszx

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