(9) Dec 16, 2019 - Meditation, Yoga & My Future

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The meditation retreat in Las Vegas, and the drive there and back, got me out of the routine of channeling every couple of days. The retreat was good and I am glad I went. But I still had my cold! I took an additional week off from channeling. Once I did channel, Joshua had a lot to say.


12/16/19,- Monday, about 1 am

Channeling #9 - with Joshua - Meditation, Yoga & My Future


JOSHUA: Hello, Alan. Long time no see. I am Joshua. Still not feeling that great, we see. [This was the 5th week of my cold!]

It can be challenging to connect when you are not feeling well. Of course, this is how you started talking to us. You were initially sick with this particular cold. It has advanced and gone into new phases. So we'll see how far we can get with this cold you have got.


It took a lot of energy for you to go to Las Vegas [to a weekend TM meditation retreat]. And that energy really sapped your ability. Although the goal is to be as restful as possible, as you know, that kind of rest takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot of energy to release that stress. So even though one feels rested, at the same time, one feels very exhausted on one of those retreats.

And this is the main reason why you have not been willing to connect with us, or we should say you have not had the desire, the motivation, to connect with us.

This weekend, though, you had your yoga teacher training activities. Those yoga activities are tremendously helpful. They give you so much energy. They really move you into a new way of thinking. 

Not that the TM meditation was that bad. It was actually quite good. It helped move you, it helped open you, into higher vibrations. It helped move out a lot of the blockages that are part of the samskaras -- the belief systems that are held within your physical body. Those are a direct reflection of your physical mind and the belief systems that you hold in this physical reality.


So, TM is definitely a very valuable tool. And there is an element of community in TM. However, that is not quite the same as the very high element of community that you experience in your yoga teacher training class. In TM, you are working more on yourself. You are part of a general community of meditators. It is good to feel a stronger connection to that community on a retreat. 

And, of course, the meditations are usually much deeper because of that group community. And that is good. That is all part of the sangha experience [spiritual community]. It is something that you are seeking these days as a way of better coming into balance with the various parts of yourself, with the various personalities within your being. 

Sangha has been missing for a good part of your life. You have had professional types of sanghas [non-spiritual] that you have been involved with. But you are trying to extract yourself, to some degree, from those.

So the TM was good. In fact, it was a nice contrast to have that TM weekend followed by the yoga teacher training weekend because both of them are very powerful tools for bringing you into greater or more clear vibrational alignment with your inner self, with your larger self, and with Source, to which your larger self is closely connected. So in that sense, it gives you a very interesting comparison and contrast between the two types of experiences.

And we would never say that one is better than the other. There are so many different ways to bring that more clear alignment into being. These are two very good ones. They are very well suited to you and to Mable. And the two of you benefit quite a bit from them, even though it may be difficult to see sometimes through these cough and cold conditions that you have.

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