taehyung - 'vibing'in his class

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Author pov~
Y/n was 10 mins earlier to her class.to see her beloved husband.her bio teacher.yeah they got married and fell in love but nobody in the school knows.yknow the 'teacher and student relationship'ya that's the shit that's keeping this a secret.she went inside and spotted her teacher in his desk,arranging for the next class.he turned to his side and spotted her."baby!u came" He said as she went in and gave him a sweet hug.

"Hey babe!" He pecked her forehead and made her sit in his lap.his hand gently caressed her thigh.Since she was wearing a short skirt.he had more access to her leg."ugh I need u y/n" He said and kissed her neck."we can't babe..the class will start in less than 10 mins "She said with her head on his shoulder .he nodded sadly while pouting and little.they bell suddenly rang and they heard foot steps were heard."babe..can u do a favor?" She nodded a little confused.he handed her a small vibrator."keep this under ur panties...I want to get turned on before we make out after class...but try to remain quiet k?" "O-okay..I guess" She stood up from his lap and he spanked her butt as she walked away.

She was all they way in the back of the class.he was always bummed out about this so..he had an idea.everyone came in the class on by one."hi Mr.kim,u look handsome" one of the popular girls,Carla said while winking at him.
y/n was totally pissed untill her friend Annie and marley came.they were the only one who knew bout the marriage life of y/n."hey y/n" They said while waving to her."hey guys.whats up?"
"Nothin much,how was last night?" Marley said teasing y/n."can u stop that marley.i can't with ur horny ass" Annie and marley chuckled and came and sat next to y/n.

"Ok class,good morning.please take ur books out and turn to page 45 where we left yesterday" She took out her book while listening to his class.she suddenly felt the vibrator starting off slow."ok class before I start,let's change seats" She widened her eyes as she knew his intentions.he looked at him while he just smirked at her.

"Ok Clara and janice at the back,Annie and mark in the middle.y/n and marley in the front..Jack and Melinda in the front..."
She cursed underneath her breath took her bag and went to her seat with marley.his eyes were glued to her as she sat in her seat that her teacher gave her.he finished seating everyone and started the class.the vibrator's pace got stronger.she tried to stay focused but couldn't.he turned around and looked at her as her head was hung low.
"ms.y/n..no sleeping in my class" He said getting her attention and sat up straight.she was sweating a little so she wiped it with her hand key and continued listening to the class.

The vibrator's pace got even stronger and she wanted to release herself but she clenched and hold it.the bell finally rang and everyone were packing up and leaving."can't wait for the next class Mr.kim" Clara said seductively and swayed her hips as she walked out.she could see he was disgusted by his face."so y/n-ah..we will head out and have great time with Mr.kim" marley said winking.y/n gave her a frown and they both walked out.she quickly stood up and sat on his lap.

"Oh my baby!"He said hugging her tight.he lifted her skirt up and cupped her p'ssy."cum..I want that sweet milk of yours" She didn't waste any time and c'mmed in his hands and collapsed in his arms."t-tae.." "Yes baby love?"
"U still wanna make out?" She looked up at him eagerly."oh hell ya!..in my car or the bathroom?" "The car is better.i can't help the look on their faces when they see the hot teacher and a student make out" he chuckled and took the keys to his car as she followed him out.

And no one saw them make out......except marley and Annie.


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