Love at first historical moment

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Farquhar's POV:
And that's when I saw him, the slanky danky middle aged man with wispy mystical caca brown hair flowing on his shiny head. I was in a state of electrical connection almost like the atoms in the molecules surrounding us were pulling us closer using kinetic potential energy. I felt the Intamacy radiating in the air, a certain attachment I've never felt before. But no, no, no! This is prohibited! It says so in rule 69 that there are to be no relations of other male historian species. It was forbidden attraction, but how do I resist such a non muscular man.

Raffle's POV:
I turned my head 360 degrees clockwise and almost broke my cervical vertebra. "Ahhshhsjsjsjjsjskssk" i groaned as I looked up to notice the fierce some gaze from approximately 24.37892901933 centimetres away. Jolly gosh, what a sight for sore eyes,is that an angel I see? The balding head with lack of his whimsical grey hair, his shiny polished forehead almost had the same reflection as my mirror, I could see myself on the bald spot, what a baddie. But that mystical being could never ever not in thousands of eyons be attracted romantically to me (goosta) I guess it is vast for the history of Singapore if I wouldn't act on such brash sexual arousal.

Farquhar's POV:
"Um um um my oh my the suns ultraviolet rays are complementing your gorgeous hair," ding dang darn it, now he knows I was gazing at his silky moist dandruff infested hair "why thank you, I too myself have split ends, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, my name is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the soon to be creator and magnificent i inventor of this new found trading port." my he is cocky, I bet he is a cock sucker- I mean smart intellectual man, though the intelligence may have travelled to a lower region of his human mortal body. "Why- why-that is very-um- very fascinating Sir Stamford," I replied whilst feeling the sensation of rapid blood rush towards my zygomatic bone (cheeks) "Yes I am quite aware of the amusement, I'm going to be a god, you might as well slowly kneel down and worship me whilst kissing my fungus infested feet," he replied whilst staring at the blank condensed water filled sky. "Yes-yes-I wouldn't mind kissing you- I- I mean your feet since-well-well yes you will be a god," I stuttered "I know" he turned away and strutted like a model (ik they don't exist back then but it's just for the visual) and he flicked his long non existent luscious locks away from the air. My oh my that man is almost as attractive as processed chicken with a delectable crunchy outer coat.
Raffles POV:
I strutted away looking like a confident baddie queen. But in reality, deep beneath the muscular tissue and slim bones I felt great joy of our conversing. I soon realised after 7 minutes 34 seconds and 25 milliseconds that I had no where to go, I was meant to be stationed where Farquhar was, rattle snakes! I just had to be a baka baddie, if I go back there I am going to look like such a sussy baka, I really have found myself in a shallow almost deep rut this time around. But then the thought occurs to me "I'm sir d̸a̸d̸d̸y̸̸̸Thomas Stamford Raffles! I don't need to be scared of a relatively attractive, thic , shiny headed man!" I stomp back towards the port to find Farquhar had already left to converse with other historical men *sighs loudly and very audibly*
"안녕! Something bothering you there *clicks with mouth*" a rather pale and...strange man says as he approaches me "well actually yes, you see-" the pale dwarf cuts me off whilst removing his shirt as he questions "does my nipple and nose look Korean to yoOouuUuUuuaaaAaAAaa" I cover my eyes from the bewildering sight "GHASTLY! Ugh! What on earth are you doing, who do you think you are!" "Why I'm Oily London but you don't seem Korean so I guess I can't ask you ugh *clicks with mouth again* oh well byeeeeeee" What a strange male creature.

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