Child's Play

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"You're earlier than expected." Wanda greets me as I had her the coffee I'd promised her yesterday.

"Yeah well, I was stressing about being late," I admit honestly.

"Okay well, I'll show you to your desk." She walks me round to the main office area.

I have a small cubby office next to plenty of others, all of which are currently empty as of right now.

"Okay so this is your desk and you know where mine is. If Romanoff needs you she'll find you, if you need her you to come to me and I'll sort out everything. Now for research for cases, you can see Jessica and that covers the main things you need to know."

I repeat back the information she'd given me for confirmation that I'd gotten everything correct. "Thank you, Wanda."

"No problem but for next time you get me coffee could you get me a latte with no sugar." She smiles.

"So me getting you coffee will be a regular thing?" I question playfully.

"I have a feeling you'll be needing a lot of my help so I'm just letting you know my order now." She laughs.

"Latte no sugar... noted." I laugh. Though her evident lack of confidence in me was something we both shared I pretended to have things under control.

Hiding away the fears I had built up underneath to the best of my ability. New job. New people. Let's not mess this up.

"Anyway thank you again for the help with the job."

"You don't have to keep thanking me. Romanoff will be here in five and I need to get her ready for a meeting so I've go to go." She tells me before turning on her heels and walking away.

7:45 in the morning and somehow that woman has a smile on her face and a delightful happiness in her tone.

She's perfectly organised.

She's perfectly dressed.

I watch her walk away from my desk, her dress tightly wrapped around her body. Loose ringlets bouncing down her back as she walks. My ears focus on every click of her heels against the hard floor, listening to the sound slowly fade as she gets further away. My eyes stay fixated on the sway of her hips as she takes her steps.

7:45 in the morning and this woman's life is packed neatly in a little box sealed with a bow.

I screw my eyes shut shaking the image of Wanda from my head before focusing my attention to the computer screen.

It's hard to say how long had passed since Wanda had left my desk, I've been too busy getting set up on the computer.

Suddenly I'm startled out of my concentration as a file falls down onto my keyboard. My head shoots up in the direction of the fall.

"Ms. Romanoff." I say after clearing my throat. Seeing the redhead standing next to my desk proudly. A black blazer slung over her arm with a red wine coloured shirt tucked into back slacks.

"I need this done, it's easy and I'm busy. Can you handle it?" She questions sharply. No please or thank you, no manners whatsoever.

I open up the file "You're giving me a case already?"

"Yes, now can you get this done ASAP." She states.

"Of course." I nod.

She smiles and walks off without another word.

I look at the clock realising it's lunchtime but I decide to skip the meal anyway. I have a case to do after all.

Instantly I get started going through the file, I meet with the woman of whom the case was regarding. I make my notes and head back.

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