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Torrin's Sword: The Beginning of the Companions.

In Ren, far from their homeland in the North of Eryos, Torrin and his brother, Nathell, have sold their swords to fight for a local warlord. As the rivalry between Rennish factions bleeds into the enchanted forest of Dan Tynell, it causes the secretive and mysterious Tynithians to come forth to defend their home.

In this action packed fantasy short story, the adventure reveals how Torrin and Nathell meet Arynilas, a Tynithian shapeshifter and an archer of unrivaled skill. 

Thus marking the beginning of their renowned company.

Map of Eryos:

All illustrations and characters ©Kindrie Grove Studio Inc

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All illustrations and characters ©Kindrie Grove Studio Inc. 

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