Hi Guys!! So, I'm sure everyone has watched that CSI episode where Justin plays Jason McCann. I loved that episode! ;) Sooo I decided to make a fan fiction about what would happen if he met a girl that would change him completely.... Here is the first chapter, hope you guys like it! Comment/Vote/Fan! Copyright © All Rights Reserved


“Tyler, you have to go to school, you can’t stay home,” I said worriedly to my little brother, Tyler, who was 6 years old.

“But, Naomi,” Tyler started jumping up and down the old, used couch that sat in the middle of our cramped and cluttered apartment.

“You don’t know how lucky you are to go to school! Many kids your age would love to go, but they can’t. Besides aren’t you going to the museum with your class today?” I informed him as I poured us a cup of milk. I put the glasses down and opened the fridge. I winced when I discovered that it was empty. Time for shopping, which meant money, and money means work. Considering that I was fired from my last job since I arrived late to occasionally because I had to make sure Tyler arrived to school safely.

Tyler stopped hopping and then a smile crept up his face.

“Really?! Museum, that sounds fun!” Tyler cried out in excitement. I laughed at his enthusiasm. It would be his first time going to a museum, on top of that it was a school paid event.

Tyler and I live in a crummy apartment in an even crummier apartment building. Which was located in Las Vegas and it was the best I could afford, since our parents died about 4 years ago when he was 2 and I was 13. They passed away in a car crash and as usual the drunk driver that hit them survived. I was left alone with a two year old baby to take care of. Since we didn’t have any family members alive, I took care of Tyler and dropped out of school in the process. I enrolled him in first grade just this year, and Tyler was really behind on everything. I try to teach him when I have the time but with all the odd jobs I have I never find enough time. We barely have enough food for both of us, but we survived some how. Now, all I needed to do was get a new job, and make sure Tyler gets to school.

“It is pretty cool. Make sure to tell me all about it,” I smiled at Ty and handed him a small package of Fruit Loops that I found in the cupboard.

Ty nodded enthusiastically and he skipped off toward the hallway. He had his small book bag, that used to be mine. I gulped down my glass of milk and ran off toward Ty.  

We sprinted down the stairs, hand in hand, and we caught a bus just in time. I dropped him off at his stop and watched him enter the building. He waved back to me his dirty blonde hair blowing lazily in the wind.

I sighed and sat back in my plastic bus seat. The vehicle lurched forward and I wondered where I was to go next. My eyes wandered over to the pile of newspapers and magazines next to me. I carefully picked out the newest edition I could find and skimmed through it. I stopped at the ‘now hiring’ section and glanced down all the entries. Then my eyes landed on one that was fairly close to Ty’s school. I quickly memorized it, repeating it in my mind, since I didn’t have any thing to write down with. Finally, I reached the street of the place that was hiring, which from the looks of it, was a local art supply store. I got out of the bus, and put my hands deep in my pockets and breathed out. It was a pretty cold day and all I could afford was jeans and faded ripped jeans.

I walked quickly toward the store and approached the glass door. I pushed it gently and chimes rang throughout the grocery store. I closed the door behind me and started for the cash register.

“Hi, I’m here to apply for that job in the newspaper,” I announced. I saw a girl with pale, dull, washed out blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. She looked up at me and grinned. She looked about my age.

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