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"Good morning." I wave to my co-workers as I walk into the office. "Morning, how you feeling?" Agent Davies asks. 

"Still exhausted from yesterday, but other than that I'm fine. What do we have on the schedule today?" I groan, taking a seat at my desk.

"Paperwork, and lots of it." He says gesturing to the stack of files pilled up by my desk. 

"Field work is so much better than this crap." I shake my head not wanting to get a good look at the leaning tower of paperwork.

"It may suck but it's got to be done." 

I nod my head, taking a file of the top, getting straight to work. 

Between the plie of never ending paperwork that was dwindling down torturously slowly and the my wondering thoughts I hadn't even noticed it was lunch. Half the day had gone by and I had hardly even noticed until Agent Davies' assistant came to my desk. 

"Agent Y/L/N, I hate to bother you but this was left at the front desk and I believe it's for you." She says looking down at the two black glossy boxes in her hands. 

"I wasn't expecting anything." I pull slightly confused face as I take the boxes from her and place them down on my desk. 

"Must be your lucky day," she smiles "well I have to get going, lunch break is only 45 minutes and Intend on spending the time wisely." The chipper woman spoke. 

As I pull of the lid of the first box, I notice the contents of the box are wrapped in a black tissue paper. On top lies a note. 

The note- Since you never told me your size I had to do a little research and an educated guess. I hope everything fits and I'll see you tomorrow beautiful.

I was fairly certain of what each box would contain given the conversation we had only yesterday but still I remained shocked when I unmoved the shining black, red-bottom shoes. 

To say I underestimated her abilities to wow me would be the under-statement of the century but despite the expensive shoes in my hands I remained completely aware of the fact she is a criminal- suspected criminal. 

Looking down at the second box I take my time opening the tissue paper, exposing a scarlet red dress, one of which clearly also had a hefty price tag. 

For a moment I take in the fact that I've never in all my life been presented with such a gesture.

Regardless of the price tag, she took the time to find my size and send me an outfit and part of me tells me it's all part of silly little games but somewhere deep down, covered naïve judgment, in a place I've hidden way I feel my body tingle with excitement.  

childish or not, stupid or not, crazy or not I want to know more about her and maybe I will, if I can just push past all rationality I might find a way to enjoy the evening I'd been dreading up to now. 

To Natasha this is a game and this is a stupid date nothing more and nothing less and to me this is a job opportunity but that doesn't mean I can't let myself have a little fun. 


I deserve this right?

One of my colleagues stops by my desk "Hey Y/N what's all this?" Arlie asks. 

"Did Davies tell you about the woman we had yesterday interrogation," she shook her head "yeah she's a suspect on the Russo case, she's taking me on a date. Long story, but I'm gonna wear a mic hopefully get some info, you know the drill."  

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