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"Davies, we have nothing on her we can't keep her here." I say to my boss as we stare at the sadistic girl on the other side of the dark glass.

"Agent Y/L/N I know she has something to do with the murder of Daniel Russo, she's been here 12 hours you've got 36 more to get something out of her. Is that understood?" Agent Davies growls at me.

His tall figure looking down on me, dark brown eyes glaring at me. "Understood." I nod.

No man or woman for that matter has ever intimated me the way Romanoff does, just looking into her green eyes makes me feel as though I'm face to face with the devil her self.

Despite that, I have no intention whatsoever of letting her know the power she holds over me because the reality is that she's in cuffs and I have a job to do.

I prepare myself to go back inside the interrogation room. Inhaling sharply, moving my head side to side, cracking my neck before I walk inside.

Her eyes glance over my body, head to toe as she runs her tongue over her top teeth, grinning at me devilishly.

"Hey Agent Y/L/N." She says flirtatiously.

"Hello Miss Romanoff, if we could cut the bullshit I'd appreciate it." I snap at her. I take a seat opposite her, holding an empty file.

A fake file I plan on using to help extract information from her. All I have to do is make her believe we have evidence she killed Daniel Russo and she'll have to start talking.

"Someone's a little bitchy today aren't we Agent Y/L/N" She mocks.

"Cut the crap, where were you on the 24th may?" I ask.

"Don't know, maybe I was at home, maybe I was getting laid, who knows." She shrugs leaning back in her chair, her arms still cuffed behind her back.

"Well, where you?"

"Wouldn't you like to know Agent Y/L/N." She smirks.

Why must she insist on saying my name like that? It's every damn time.

"Would you like to tell me why you were seen entering Mr Russo's apartment building on the 24th May at 8pm?" A ask yet another question.

"I just told you, maybe I was getting laid." She rolls her eyes.

"And when you have sex with men do you normally like to kill them afterwards?" I snap.

"Are you insinuating that I killed Mr Russo," she gasps dramatically "I would never." She laughs.

"We have evidence you killed Mr Russo, we just want to know why?" I say loudly, dismissing her belittling behaviour.

Her eyes glance down to the file on the table then back up to my eyes, intimating me with her stare. "I'm sure you do." She says calmly, her tone heavily sardonic.

Even now with the threat, that I could possibly hold the information that could put her in prison for life, her confident demeanour doesn't shift or falter.

"So you admit, you killed Mr Russo."

"Agent Y/L/N you're what 27? So you've been doing this for a little while now so you and I both know if you had the kind of evidence you're saying you have I'd be in a penitentiary," she sighs "but you don't so I'm not."

"Nobody saw me entre Mr Russo's apartment building because I was never there because I told you already I was getting laid, I just didn't say where," she raises her voice confidentiality "Now as much as I love hanging out with you, you're running out of time. So get it through your pretty little head, I didn't kill Mr Russo!"

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