Chapter Thirteen

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Prim's POV-
I drove all the way home in tears. I was so tired of this mess between my family.


It was hard but had to chose. My blood sister, or my bestfriend.

I run into my apartment and jump into the bed.

Jayden's POV-

I leave my bedroom, grabbing my bag, and car keys, and tell ''my father", that I am going for a ride in my car. I'm not.

I hop into my car, and place the keys in.

I'm going to Elliot's again.

10 minutes later I arrived.

I knocked in a small tune 'ta-ta-ta-ta dun dun'

instead of Elliot popping out instead came out a well built man most likely 18.

"Hi." his deep voice gruffed.

"Um Hi, Im Jayden and I was wondering if you know where Elliot is." I said politely still shy from noticing how attractive this man was.

"Well he's not here right now but I could offer you some pizza." he smiled politely.

he has brown fluffy hair, emerald green eyes, and he's so freaking tall. especially for me because I'm 5'9.

he invited me inside kindly, and I smiled whole heartedly I felt special....

I ate the pizza he offered me and we talked a lot I don't know theres something special about him and I love it.


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