Chapter Ten

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Jayden's P.O.V.-

The strange man left the room. I looked at all the I.V. cords inserted into my body.

I was in the hospital, but I do not know why.

I don't remember anything. But, I remember one person. This person is on my mind 24/7.

But I dont rember their name. Its on the tip of my tounge.

I just want to go home. Whever home is.

Where is my mom? My dad? Where was anyone? I let out a loud sigh.

1 name came to mind.


I wanted to see him. But I can't, Im being held down by all these cords.

I wanted to feel him and touch him and strangely this weird feeling was at the pit of my stomach. All I remember is Elliot. He's all thats on my mind.

I've most likely been here for days, and I'm sick and tired of this place. I want to go home.

A strange man entered the room. I looked at him with a confused look, before I realized he was a doctor.

"Hello Jayden, how are you doing?" He asks me, "Fine." I replied.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Well, I remember someone. My boyfriend-Elliot." I replied.


I stood up from my hospital bed. It had been the first time I stood up in about a week.

My all black converse touched the floor, and I moved my legs one at a time.

I was still very weak. It was like I was learning to walk again.

The doctor entered, along with the strange man claiming to be my father.

"Now Jayden," Says the doctor "Trust me on this. This man is your father."

I didn't know what to do. Do I go home with him?

I decided to take the doctors word for it, so I went home with the man who claims to be my father.
I got into his car. The smell is familiar, its like a sweet peach smell. It reminds me of my mom.

He started the car and drove to wherever it was he lived. It was quiet for a long period of time. I was honestly scared, what if this man really is my father?

I stare out the window as we approached a 2 story house. This must be where he lives.

He parked his car in the front of the car and helped me out the car. I walked with him until the door. This place seems so familiar.

The door is open, so I invite myself in.

The place is so familiar, its like I've been here before.

I walk all across the living room, and into the kitchen where I see a diploma. It has my name on it. Its my 8th grade diploma. What is this doing here? It makes me start to wonder.

I walk upstairs, the man followed behind me. I walked over to the room on the far left, I opened the door.

The room seemed to appeal to me. It had all my interest, band posters, colors, everything.

"Is this your daughters room?" I ask.
"Its-Its your room. You designed it yourself, remember?"

"No Im sorry. I don't remember it." I say.

Just then I remembered something.
It hit me like a truck after looking at the bed.

It was so clear in my mind. I remembered something.

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