All good times need to have an end

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A/N:  Hey guys! here goes nothing, the part 2, and yes, there will be a part 3 sooner or later.  Hope you're enjoying the story for now on. And again I'm sorry for the mistakes I make while writting, but hey, nobody pays attention to mistakes at 1 A.M, right?

OH! almost forgot! this chapiter will be really short

"veeeee~" *crying*

"why are you cryimg Italy?"

"I do not like the title"

"Oh. OH! don't worry dear pasta-lover, the title means nothing"


"oh no please god help me!"


*Time skip to four months later 'cuz the writter won't describe four mounths were nothing happen*

*Chibitalia P.O.V*

Chibitalia had invited Holy Rome to come over Austria's place to eat pasta (obviously '-.-). They were both eating in Austria's beautiful garden.  He was happy that Holy Rome wasn't gone to war, even if his soldiers kind of needed help to fight people that started a civil war.  But he asked if his presence was really needed, and it wasn't a really big deal, even if that war wasn't over yet. 

Holy Rome and Chibitalia were eating in silence, as usual, and then, after, they would go and walk around for fun, as usual.  Not that he didn't like it, HE LOVED IT!, because he was near to his dear lover Holy Rome. 


The door suddently flew opened. It was Austria.  It scared Chibitalia that ran behind Holy Rome.  Austria was followed by a soldier

"Sorry for the scare, Italy, Holy Rome, but this soldier wish to have an..... enterteinment with you, Holy Rome, in private." said Austria

"NO! Whatever he has to say, he will say it to both of us" Said Holy Rome

Austria looked at the soldier and left him alone with the childrens.

"I'm sorry, M.Holy Roman Empire, but the civil war his growing bigger and we badly can't defeat them.  They are mad against you. We need you to fight with us!" the soldier said

"I......can't help. I need to stay here, I promised to Chibitalia I would never leave her (lol still thinks italy is a girlllllllllll tehehehehe) ever again" He said

Her?! He wasn't a girl! Oh well, whatever, love was more important then the gender of the other, wasn't it? ( for my straight friend that didn't understood that love is more important then the gender) And plus, chibitalia didn't care of being a girl, if it was how Holy Rome loved him.

"Why? You always win, and your people needs you, I can't be so selfish to say you need to always be with me." He said

"But I leave for war, you'll be alone for god knows what time! I don't want to leave you alone ever again..." Holy rome answered

"hum-hum" began the soldier "The rebels say that if they win this war, They would try to take Italy away from you." He continued

Holy Rome widened his eyes. Chibitalia looked at him. His face was full of..... anger? His eyes were so scary!

"I......I still........" he said

"I'll be fine, Holy Rome, don't worry" He began "You need to help your allies" He continued

"Are you sure?" Holy Rome asked

Chibitalia nodded, even if he knew he wouldn't be fine.  Tears were forming into his eyes.  Holy Rome was leaving again, even if it was for his people and his protection, he was sad. But he needed to let holy Rome go.

"I'll make strawberries and raspberries grow for you." he said crying

"Hey...hey........don't cry, I'll be back soon, in two mouths maximum, maybe one.  Promise me you'll always be smiling and happy when I'm gone, it'll give me the streght to come back to you, my love, watever what will happen." He said, holding my chin, and removing the tears from my face "And you're way more beautiful without those tears"

He noded and finlly said "I promise"

Holy rome kissed him on the forehead before leaving, fllowing the soldier, who looked guilty for asking them help.

Holy rome turned around and said to himself "I'm sorry, Chibitalia"


Phew, part 2 is finished. Part three following soon. It will be a really really short capter about what happened in the civil war.  But, hey guys hope you enjoyed and keep reading. by the way, this is my first plublished fan fic so i'm sorry if it sucks

"ve~ Will holy rome ome back? why is he sorry at the end?"

"you'll know why next chapter Italy, now calm down or i'll ask England to do the cooking for dinner"

"Did you called me, love?"

"No, I didn't, and were is Italy going?"

"I belive he is going to search for Germany, because he was crying and holding your fanfic book in his hands....... Did you wrote depressing stuff for part 3?"

"part 3 isn't wrotten yet. Do you think Germany will kill me for making Italy cry?

"LACYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" *germany shouting*

"Yes......I won't help you this time....... sorry love"

*run the hell away to hide before germany find me*

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