[ 021 - Modded ]

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I go into third person as I log into Minecraft with the mod which Tommy had given to me once he had managed to convince me to do the video with him. It was a small group of us who were doing the mod video which consisted of Tommy, Quackity, Philza and Will. I had never really gotten the chance to talk to Quackity outside of coming up with different lore ideas and messing with each other through Twitter but we seemed to get along really well.

"Wow," I laugh a little as I log onto the server and see the other characters standing around me. I am really tiny like Will and Quackity but Tommy is more then the average Minecraft character and then there is Phil. Tommy had insisted on him being the big man because Philza Minecraft is such a big man which was funny to me at least. "I'm tiny." I say and shift in front of the other two characters that are my size, the first being Will's although his skin had been changed back from the Ghostbur skin that he has been using due to the recent Dream SMP lore. Well, I guess it's not that recent but at the same time, lore wise he is still a ghost at the moment.

"It's not that hard to be," Quackity said through laughter and my jaw drops slightly at how he had gone to assume that so I hit his Minecraft character which made him cut himself off.

"You haven't even met me in real life!" I laugh a little at how he had assumed that I was short in general. There were plenty of pictures that had been taken of me and Tommy or me and Will but I wasn't extremely short. I think I'm a decent height and that is what matters to me.

"I've seen the pictures Blakely!" Quackity shouts at me as I laugh a little at the fake argument he is making against me. I know exactly what pictures he is talking about because the pictures had blown up with Tommy, Will, Tubbo, Phil and myself all standing together with me being the shortest out of the group. "Will," He says before I even get to make my own case against him and Will responds with a small hum which is clearly trying to cover up a laugh. "Is your girlfriend short?" He asks with an evil laugh of sorts and I practically choke when I process what he had said.

"Excuse me," I laugh a little as my face turns a shade of pink. Will and I had both agreed not to tell Tommy or anyone else about our New Years kiss just so everyone wouldn't freak out. Plus it wasn't even like we were dating or something like that, we were just really close friends who happened to have a drunken kiss on New Years. "What?"

"She is very short." Will says with a small laugh at my reaction and I rest my head against my desk as the two other boys break into matching mischievous laughter.

"Why?" I ask, my voice muffled as I hide my face even though a small laugh escapes my lips. Of course the fandom and people online joke about us dating and how we could be a good couple but with Will saying that he isn't exactly dismissing the rumors. I don't say anything about it but I have to admit that the fan art and animations are amazing.

"Phil," Tommy drags out the word and I look up at my monitor to see my brothers character moving to Phil's character who is much larger then the normal Minecraft size. "Help me." He says and I grin a little, ignoring the heat on my cheeks and running after his character slightly slower because my character is so much shorter then his.

"Phil," I echo after him, avoiding falling into a pond of water which I surely would have died from in if I managed to fall into it. I follow my brothers blond character through the woods and attempt to get ahead of him by getting on top of the oak trees. "Help me." I say and reach Phil's larger character who is standing in a clearing of the woods, looking down as Tommy and I's characters appear in front of him.

"Why are both of you like this?" Phil asks the two of us in the most fatherly voice ever and I can't help but giggle a little. Tommy's character crouches and I do the same which only makes Phil scoff a little as Quackity and Will get into a fake argument somewhere near spawn.

"We are siblings," I say through giggles and Tommy and I's characters stand next to each other's so when I go into third person it's actually a pretty nice image for Minecraft graphics. "What did you expect?" I ask him as I take a screenshot, sending it to Tommy.

BlakeButtercup: [ image sent ]
TommyInnit: That's us
BlakeButtercup: Yeah!
TommyInnit: It's pretty nice tho
BlakeButtercup: Can I post it to Twitter?
TommyInnit: After the recording session?
BlakeButtercup: Okie! Love you <3
TommyInnit: Ew
BlakeButtercup: :0
TommyInnit: Love you too
TommyInnit: ...
TommyInnit: <3
BlakeButtercup: :D

"And now we have to do a video with the two of them." Will says with a dramatic sigh like he isn't going to cause chaos in this video. I swear to god in every video we have done Will has always started chaos with everyone else in the game which lead to amazing bits.

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