Chapter 2

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*knock knock*

Nezu: Come in.

Enji: Hello Nezu are the Yagi's here?

Nezu: No Toshi and Inko aren't here today.

Enji: Then is it safe to talk about sensitive matters?

Nezu: Yes have a seat. Would you like some tea?

Enji: Sure. Nezu you told me Izuku was alive. I want to know how you're certain about that.

Nezu: I figured that's what you were here for. There was a incident that happened the day before that massacre. I called in a lot of favors and pulled a few strings too keep it hidden.

Enji: What happened?

Nezu: A child that fit Izuku's appearance was walking by an antique shop. Suddenly and without warning an arrow flew out the store's window. It stabbed the child in the neck. It kept burrowing into the child's body. The child cried out "So you're finally going to kill me yourself mom! I figured it would be you since dad doesn't have the guts!". After that he passed out, and was taken to the nearest hospital. The doctors were confused when he arrived. They were told an arrow was shot in his throat, but there was no wound anywhere on his neck. They did find however that his ribs were broken. They set his ribs back in place and used a healing quirk to speed up his recovery. After he came to he fled the hospital. Nobody has seen him since.

Enji: So you think this child was Izuku. He must have thought Inko pulled that arrow into him.

Nezu: Yes but Inko was nowhere near that shop at the time.

Enji: Then who shot him? And what happened to the arrow?

Nezu: I don't know. I just know after that there's no way Izuku would go back home.

Enji: I don't understand how there wouldn't be any evidence that Izuku was stabbed in the neck. Are you sure that's what happened?

Nezu: Yes if it was just word of mouth I would question it too. But I found video footage from a security camera. The arrow did dig into his neck until you couldn't see it anymore.

Enji: How is that possible?!

Nezu: I honestly don't know.

Enji: If Inko didn't do it who did? Did they hire a hitman?

Nezu: I don't believe so. If they hired someone to kill Izuku. Why would they set up the massacre for the next day? As hard as it is to believe it. I don't think Toshi or Inko had anything to do with it.

Enji: Then why?

Nezu: I did some research on the arrow itself. According to the shop keep that arrow has dark history. That arrow supposedly kills whoever it cuts. It doesn't matter where or how it cuts its victim they'll die. If you can believe the legends about it many a king was slain by it.

Enji: But Izuku lived?

Nezu: Indeed as such the arrows history was a dead end, and probably just a story. I can't explain what happened that day.

Enji: Then where is Izuku?

Nezu: I wish I knew. I've tried so hard to find him. Finding Killer Queen has been easier than Izuku.

Enji: You really think this Yoshikage Kira kid is Killer Queen?

Nezu: Yes he fits the profile and Killer Queen is only seen after Kira closes his cafe.

Enji: I see. If there's anything I can do to help just let me know Nezu.

Nezu: Thank you Enji. I'm afraid all be relying on you a lot.

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