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Chapter 2

Before Damon had time to reply Stefan and Elena walked into the room.

"Is that true, Charlotte, you think Katherine killed your mom?" Stefan asked now standing in front of her.

"Yeah," she whispered.

Damon handed Stefan the note. When he'd read it, he sighed and sat on the chair across from Charlie. "This is terrible, Charlotte, I don't know what to say, but of course we'll help you."

"Well, firstly, both you and Damon could help by calling me Charlie." She laughed lightly despite herself. "But thank you, I really appreciate it, I didn't know who else to come to."

"Do you really think it's Katherine?" Damon said.

"Why? If it is, are you going to protect her?" Charlie asked, her eyes glaring.

"Protect her? That woman is insane, but, I mean, it just doesn't make sense, why would she kill your mother now, you've been a vampire for 250 years, and why would she want you?"

"Isn't it obvious to you, Damon?" Stefan said.

"Enlighten me then, brother."

"She wants Charlotte on her side. Katherine is mad at us, no correction, she hates us. When she came back, we didn't want to play her games. We turned her down, we both chose Elena over her."

"And she thinks Charlie hates Damon too," Elena said, speaking for the first time.

"And probably me too, I mean, I didn't exactly do anything to help you when Katherine first came in 1864," Stefan said.

"Are you saying Katherine wants Charlotte's help to take me and you down? Kill us even?" Damon asked.

"Yeah, we are. But don't worry I'm angry but I don't plan on killing you," Charlie smiled lightly.

"Good to know, Charlotte, but who said we won't kill you, put an end to all of this? I don't really feel like going on a wild-goose chase with Katherine again," Damon laughed sarcastically.

"Ha ha, my sides are splitting. Well, if you don't start calling me Charlie, who said I won't kill you."

"Enough, both of you, we don't have time for you to fight," Stefan said calmly.

"What are you guys gonna do then?" Elena asked.

"Well, Katherine is at a loss, Charlie is on our side," Damon said smugly.

"For now," Charlie said mockingly.

"Charlotte, don't," Stefan said, standing up and taking Elena's hand is his. "Right, me and Elena are meeting Caroline and Matt at The Grill so we need to go." He turned to Charlie. "But I promise, tonight we will sort out how we are going to deal with all this."

"Thank you," Charlie whispered.

"Remember, we all need to be careful, if this is Katherine, who knows what her intentions are. She loves to play games, and this whole thing could be a trap, she could want you dead as well, Charlie."

Charlie nodded and Damon snorted.

Stefan rolled his eyes and headed out the door with Elena.

Damon and Charlie were now alone in the living room.

"Well, guess me and you are hanging out tonight then, Charlie, what do you want to do?" Damon asked, raising his eyebrows smugly.

"Nothing with you," Charlie said, standing up.

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