Hey, this is my Vampire Diaries fan fiction based on the characters from the TV show. I have made my own character Charlie and she has an interesting back-story with a lot of the characters as well as her own story, which I hope you like. The storyline is set just after the start of Season 2, so, Katherine has been (caused trouble) and gone and everyone is trying to get back to 'normal'. I began this last September and posted it on Booksie and FanFiction.net but a friend suggested this site. So here it is! :D

I started writing this just before season 2 and continued as the season progressed. Obviously a lot of characters have died now and so much has happened, it was hard to keep my storyline to what was happening on the show. I would write a chapter, then on the next week's show, someone would die or do something which contradicted what I'd wrote. Basically now, I have my own plot, without the sun and the moon curse etc. as none of that had happened when I started. And that's what a Fanfic is anyway, using the characters and putting your own twist on things.

So I hope you like it and please read and let me know what you think, I really enjoy reading your comments and feedback! :D


Charlie Dubois finished drying her long red hair, she shook her head letting the lose waves fall naturally around her back and shoulders.

She looked herself over in the mirror – her perfect sixteen year old self stared back at her – her pale flawless skin, her beautiful piercing blue eyes, her perfect smile, her flaming red hair. She sighed. This was the same reflection which had stared back at her for many years now. Never changing, always beautiful, always young, and yet, this was a curse. The price for her everlasting youth was large, a vice she would never control, a craving with a mind of its own.

However, she forced herself to smile, she was stuck this way, this was what she was and no matter how much she wanted it, she would never be alive.

She checked her outfit of skinny jeans, Converse and blue baggy sweatshirt over one last time before picking up her bags and heading out the door.

As she crossed the lobby the fat bald receptionist not so subtly looked her up and down. She knew she wasn't sixteen and she could break his neck in a mere second if she wanted to, but he didn't, surely he knew it was wrong to stare at young girls. Nonetheless, she gave him a half-hearted smile as she continued to the main exit. She was glad to be leaving this cheap ugly apartment but she was anxious about where she was going.

She got into her new shiny black Land Rover and gave a light chuckle. She knew it was wrong to use her powers to get what she wanted, but she loved this car and the guy who had owned it was a jackass.

She turned on the ignition, checked her mirrors and pulled away from the curb. As she drove she hummed to the radio, she was mainly using this as a distraction from her thoughts.

In a few hours she would be back to where it all began, back to the place where her heart was stolen... but also where she had found love. She was nervous about returning to Mystic Falls, here there were people she'd been avoiding, people she hadn't seen for years, two people in particular which she hated, yet, she needed their help to find out the truth.

Chapter 1

Elena and Stefan were laughing about their afternoon as they drove back to the boarding house. Elena's long brown hair was shining in the moonlight. Stefan smiled at her.

"Is it wrong to be having fun when we still don't know what Katherine is up to or what her intentions are? But sometimes, when I'm at school or hanging out at The Grill, things feel normal. I can forget about what's going on with Damon, with this whole Katherine thing, and why I look like her."

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