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a/n : i found a TikTok that referenced silver lining?? there were a few that recommended my fanfic?? i feel special af rn 

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The lighting in the cabin is dim and warm, and it's been begging Spencer to sleep for ages now, but she hasn't given in. Not yet.

The same can't be said for Pietro, who has been passed out for the last two hours next to her - his head is cradled in his arms.

Spencer considers telling him to at least sleep on the couch, but she doesn't. She doesn't want to. For a second, she almost admits that she likes having him close - at the table, with her. Where she's been trying to send their location for the past 6 hours.

And she's done it - it's sent. It's coded and encrypted, but from what she can remember about Tony Stark, he'll figure it out. And if they're fast, and Spencer is extremely lucky, maybe she'll make it out of this.

With that thought, her eyes flicker over to Pietro. He snores, and she feels the need to tell him that - maybe because it's proof he's not perfect. He's human. He has flaws. His flaws are snoring and his ego. But she can't even get herself to hate his flaws.

After a few moments of hesitation, Spencer leans forward, her stomach pressing against the edge of the table as she places her hand on Pietro's arm. She gives him a little jolt, but he doesn't move. She tries again, but it doesn't work. And again.

Finally, she snaps. Green flushes over her hand and she shoves him back - Pietro's shoulder hits the wooden chair with so much force he lets out a grunt before he's even fully awake.

And when he finally pries his eyes open, he looks at his shoulder, then at Spencer. "What the hell?" he whines, but Spencer doesn't even give it a second thought.

She slides the computer over to him.

He takes a moment, still staring at Spencer as she'd just slapped him in the face. Finally, his attention shifts; his eyes go wide.

"Is this is?" he breathes out, a smile growing on his lips. "You did it? Sent the message?"

"Yeah," Spencer tells him, and he's looking at her so intently that she forces her eyes to her lap.

Despite Pietro's protests, Leo the cat did come inside the cabin.

(It was hard to convince the kitten, at first, but after a few bribes of leftover beef jerky, Leo was accommodated to laying in Spencer's lap, drinking milk, and enjoying shelter.)

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