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a/n : thank y'all for all the well wishes on the last chapter : ) currently going thru some personal stuff so my updating has been all over the place. should fix up in about a week or so!

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And it's not because of the memories that are flooding her brain. It's not that every single glance at anything is sending her back in time and making her vision fuzzier - no, that's completely fine. Spencer can handle all of that.

But Pietro will not just sit down. He will do anything but sit down - which was Bruce's only stipulation on Pietro leaving the med bay, so Spencer's pretty dead set on following it. Pietro, however, is pretty set on the following death.

"Put it down," Spencer instructs him, warningly.

Pietro's eyebrows lift. He's taunting Spencer, and she's well aware - but that's not making a difference in how ridiculous he's acting by pulling down a large pot from one of the cabinets.

"I can handle myself," he reminds her, lightly, placing the metal on the stove.

He tries to hide the grimace from the tension it causes in his body, but he's pretty terrible at it.

He moves for the lid, and Spencer lunges over the counter to beat him to it. Of course, she's seconds too late, and by the time she even reaches the cabinet, Pietro is grinning down at her, object in hand.

"I thought you remember," he teases, placing down the object before laying his palms on the counter, one arm on either side of the counter Spencer' standing at. His head dips down, his breath on her ear as he says, "I'm faster than you."

And of course, Spencer remembers that - she's not sure she can really forget that - but that doesn't do anything it quells the irritation bubbling in her stomach. So carefully, she moves her hand to rest on top of his.

This makes Pietro smile, and he moves the hand Spencer's not touching upwards, likely to brush her hair out of her face.

Spencer grabs his wrist, turns his back to her, and moves her hold upwards.

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