02(Death POV)

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This is what's going on by my day, Reap. Reap. Reap. Nap. Reap. Take care of goth and send someone to babysit. Reap. Drink coffee. Reap. Reap. Reap.Paperwork.Reap.... and when i got extra break i would visit the copies of geno.

Yep that's the pattern of my schedule.... MY BUSY SCHEDULE. that is added are the council meeting since I represent the neutral group, which sucks cause you know I hate politics.


Not only that i have to join the councils meeting, dream is trying to make me join them since i represent and the leader of the neutral group. Which means if i join them the other neutral would join, which is just wrong.


i mean sure make my job harder, but do they really think they can beat me or force me. DUDE am like THE ONLY DEATH AND ORIGNAL that works thrice as harder in this multiverse. (A/N: that's right this death  of a harry potter like travels other AU multiverses of the undertale, like dreamswap, fellverse, empireverse, etc... to reap, he had that kind of power, saved that the other multiverse Death put death here)

I Can practically order them as i have a higher rank than them. But seriously what are Toby Fox and Temmie Chang doing, they also like have higher rank and they are still goofying around. Which add my work load. Its Because am the original death in the multiverse that not only i have to reap souls i have to do paperwork, my copies are lazy to do paperwork so they just gave the paperwork load to me.


Anyways right now am taking care of my lil cute son goth. How I got goth you ask before my Geno disappear as well as he got his precious happy ending, he was still stuck in the save screen I've been visiting him when I did get extra time and give him items or trinkets. Then it happen our magic mix and I got little baby goth he got Geno precious scarf and that his wearing. Every time I seen the scarf I would either be sad in grief or got hurt seeing it because it reminds me of my geno, but for now I ignore it for a while.

Anyways am teaching my son goth how to summons his scythe. He inherited my godly power, Geno kindness and his determination. He is the perfect mixture of Geno and I....

I missed him....

Damn am depressed! No need to think unhappy thoughts! I have lil goth here. Speaking of little goth he finally summon his scythe which is adorable as he fell down on his bottom.

"Hey dad, your being weird again" Goth pouts as he realize that i was not paying attention to him.

"heh, don't worry about it goth i was just thinking of.... all that paperwork.." I said in the paperwork in the most deadly venomous tone. Goth just gives me a deadpanned look.

"It's a good thing am not you"

Right after goth said those words i started to fate cry in anime tears style.


Goth just look at me with realization. 

"Hey its the truth right?, so i don't have to deal with the amount of paperwork you have." ( which almost fill up his office )

I cold sweated a bit from thinking about the paperwork.


━━━☛ Timeskip☚━━━

I am in the middle of the council meeting with the other sanses sipping from my holy coffee, as am tired from the reaping souls. The council are debating whenever to kill error sans or capture him and seal him or trap him.

I'm just sipping my holy coffee time to time and kept an ear on their meeting in case they ask me questions.

"hey death, what's your decision in all this?" 

"I would say capture error, for we don't know the reason for WHY is he destroying, now why are you asking me all of a sudden sci?"

I turn my attention towards science sans but then i realize that every sans and swap papyrus, are looking towards me. 

'I must have been not paying attention that their attention is towards me, I must have been too tired' I thought and sweat drop as the attention is towards me.

"what are you all looking at me for?" I questioned them. They immediately look toward dream and ink with a look explain-it-to-him.

"You see your plan is a good plan, but their are too many holes in the plan" Dream explain to me.

"Oh. That's easy Error never tried to destroy an Original AU just copies, I mean you didn't notice that Error FAILED at destroying on the Underswap AU not because of stretch, but because he realize that he was destroying an original AU"

They all have a look of realization, Stretch just being grumpy at me that i was right and that he didn't want to admit that Error did beat Stretch but also return his brother back to him. 

"*sighs* Now that this meeting is like finish can i go home now. I wanna take care of my son and do my paperwork, cause unlike you all i have a job"

I Finally left their little council meeting and went towards Life home. Life appear before me with a smile on her face.

"Hey Life, I'm here where's goth?"

"Here" Life gave me goth which i was thankful for her as she was babysitting goth.

"Hey Dad!" Goth just grinned at me. Which made me relax, Goth and I played until its time to went home.

"C'mon goth say goodbye to life"

"Goodbye Miss Life!" Goth gave a big wave at Life who smile at goth. Then goth and I went home as goth let out a yawn.

"*chuckles* come now buddy it time to sleep"

"o'key" as goth let out another yawn. As i made towards goth room and place goth on his bed, tuck him with his blanket. Then i read goth a story. when goth finally slept i went towards my office and did my paperworks.

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