Some Time Together

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Ummm.........So before you start

This short story happens after the Ryuuen fight. It's the 31st of December to be exact. And just like the normal timeline, Kei and Kiyotaka aren't dating.

That's all


New Year

What comes to mind when someone says the words 'New Year'?

End of the previous year? Celebrations? Start of a new page of life? Meeting up with family and friends for having a good time? Late night parties? Counting down till 12 am? Couples spending time together?....... Yes this is what most people think of doing when they come across the words 'New Year' and the students of Advanced Nurturing High School were no different.

Advance nurturing high School that most people knew as an elite school that guaranteed a 100% employment rate was not an ordinary high school. It was the primary example of the survival of the fittest. The students were made subject to difficult special exams all to reach Class-A. The school never showed mercy as it kept these special exams even during the vacations.

However, this time there was no special exam during the winter vacations. It seems that even this school did not want its students to welcome the new year with regrets of having lost a special exam. For once, the students could relax and end their year the way they wanted—either being comfy in their dorm rooms with a blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and television or partying with their friends.

Keeping that aside, one could see a certain brown-haired boy walking away from the first-year dormitories. This boy who was extremely handsome and looked no older than 16 was walking slowly while looking at his surroundings curiously. If you, we were to pick any student of this school or any school for that matter and ask them what the new year meant to them. Every single one of them would answer along the lines of the starting of a new chapter in life except for this boy that is.

The brown-haired boy or as some people know him—Ayanokouji Kiyotaka had a very different childhood than others. To him new year meant nothing. It just symbolized that he had survived a whole year of suffering and pain and that another year that would be even more gruesome was just around the corner. The days as boring and mundane as always. Basically to him new year was nothing special to be joyful about.

He looked around him and saw how the school had changed a bit. There were fancy decorations on the school building, everything was neat and clean, no litter anywhere, the bushes trimmed to perfection, even all the trees he passed had little decorations and multi-colored lights dangling from them. All that added to the starry sky felt like a landscape that had been drawn by a skilled artist very carefully and with love.

He then turned his attention to the other students walking by. There were three types of students---the ones who wanted to spend their new year alone, the ones who were spending their new year with their friends or lovers, the ones who wanted to spend their new year with their friends or lovers but didn't have any. Luckily he belonged to the 2nd category as he had been invited by the members of his group also known as the 'Ayanokouji group'. And that is where he was going right now. Apparently, the chad of the group—Miyake Akito had won an archery competition and wanted to treat his friends which Haruka used as an excuse for a New year celebration. They had planned to gather at 6 pm and have some dinner, then go back by 8. Since Ayanokouji had no prior arrangements, he agreed to the proposal.

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