The Day Of The Class Poll Exam

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Author's Note

Hey there readers. Just wanted to tell you guys that this is my first time writing a fanfic .So please don't expect too much.

Positive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

Note: This incident takes place during the morning of the day of the class vote exam(volume 10)

''-Thoughts of a character

""-Dialogues of a character


It is a beautiful day today .The sun has just come up and the scenery from the first year dormitories is breathtaking.

In one of these rooms, a girl with long blonde hair is asleep--or was asleep

*yawns* "Oh? It's morning already. I didn't even realize


'So today's the day huh. Yes that's right today is the day of the class poll exam. Today will be the last day of this school for whoever student ends up with the most censure votes.' Kei thought to herself

The Class Poll Exam--A special exam prepared by the acting director Tsukishiro to expel a student many people know as Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. In this exam,each student in a class gets three praise votes and a censure vote. All of them have to vote for other students of their own class. The student who ends up with the most praise votes will receive a protection point and the student who receives the most censure votes will be expelled. In addition to this, students from other classes can also give a praise vote each to one student of the other class.

''Well whatever it's not like I have anything to worry about. Well being the gyaru leader of class 1-D girls has its own benefits I guess" Kei said while stretching her arms and opening the window to let some cool breeze in

"No---Wait! actually there is something to worry about or more specifically someone. And That someone is Ayanoukouji Kiyotaka. The whole class except a few students is planning to concentrate the censure votes on Kiyotaka. The reason according to them being that he doesn't stand out and hasn't contributed to the class much."

"Well only on the surface that is"

'I told Kiyotaka about this and as always he was very calm. I mean how can someone possibly be calm in a situation like this where expulsion is basically set in stone. Seriously Kiyotaka is so cool .No wait--! This isn't the time to admire Kiyotaka' she thought while hurriedly brushing her teeth and getting ready for the day

'Yes Today I woke up early to go and check on that guy about whether or not he has a plan .I mean it's Kiyotaka we're talking about so he obviously would have one. The way he was so relaxed yesterday shows that he does have something up his sleeves or wait maybe he has just accepted his fate and won't fight back!?'

"No no no!! This can't be happening. And now I'm panicking .No this isn't the time to panic Kei. If you want to know then you must go to his room and ask him yourself. Yes that is correct I will go to his room right away" Kei said to encourage herself

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