Harry's POV:

I flip through the channels , stopping when i see sponge bob. Why is it so quiet? I turn my head wondering my Danielle is. "Babe?" i yell, my voice echoing throughout the house.

I crease my eyebrows when there isn't an answer. I look at my phone, the time reading 5:30.

The twins should be getting dropped off soon. I smirk at the thought of Amanda passing by as well. She was always so desperate. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. I get up and walk over, getting prepared for the situation that was about to happen.

I swiftly open the door, my eyes immediately darting to the two little children clinging onto my legs.

"Daddy!" They both screech. Maryanne having her 'frozen' book bag, and Joseph having his 'ninja turtle' bag.

i bend down pointing to my check, in acceptance receiving two sloppy kisses on both checks.

I kiss them both on the top of the head and shake their head, earning a giggle in response.

"Go, on little devils" I say as they run past me inside.

I look up at the figure in front of me. Amanda was currently fixing her cleavage, making sure her boobs are pushed more than they were before.

"Good afternoon Mr.Styles" My eyes find her blue ones, her eyebrows raised, I roll my eyes at her stubbornness. She never gets it doesn't she?

"Hi Amanda" I murmur, rubbing my temples.

"Why. Don't. We. Go. to my car" She whispered inching closer to me.

I huff in annoyance pushing her away, she stumbled back, her face priceless.

"Listen, Amanda. What happened between us, ended a long time ago, got it? We kiss. Once. And i wasn't even mentally stable, i was drunk. I need you to stop texting me." I whispered angrily.

I don't want Danielle to be suspicious about anything and i don;t want her to find out about her and i's past. Not, anytime soon at least. "

"Fine. Just know i'm always here for you baby. and i'm not giving up on us" She replied, before stomping away to her car.

I close the door and laugh silently to myself at the situation.

"Hey daddy." I see Maryanne's green eyes peer up

"Hey baby, how was your day at school?" I ask, scooping her up in my arms.

"It good. We made macaroni faces on plates." She stumbled with her words slightly. I chuckled and smiled at her.

"That's good honey" I replied, i grab a scrunch and pulled all her hair in my hand, putting her hair into a pony tail.

The front door opens and i see my wife with my son enter. Both of their faces having a weird ring to it.

"Hey, where were you?" I asked out of curiosity.

"The store" She replied shortly. They both walked up stairs without another word.




Later that night, after i tucked all the little devils into bed. I walked into the run, Danielle had her phone in her hands, scrolling through twitter. She was never part of any social media so it was sort of weird to see her on the app.

I swiftly take my shirt off, a normal night routine. i look over to Danielle and i admired the way my shirt, that looked very over sized on her. The way it ended right underneath her bum, I could see through her, well my shirt that she had no bra on. I started to take off my pants, i crawl into the bed my arm snaking itself around her slim waist.

I start to kiss her neck softly her body just laid there emotionless, her thumb still swiping across her phone screen.

I reach across her and put her phone down, she looked back at me with a puzzled face. I start to kiss her neck again and she groans. Not the type i was expecting, it was a groan of annoyance.

"Okay, what is it this time?" I groan, exactly like her and sit up looking down at her.

"Nothing" She simply stated, her eyes showing nothing.

"The kids are asleep. We haven't done this in like a week. Whats wrong?" I huff in annoyance.

"Nothing, i'm just not in the mood." She shrugged picking her phone back up.

"Well, that's what i'm trying to get you in. The mood." I state obviously.

"It's just, i feel like you want me only for sex."

"You know that's not true"

"when was the last time you said you loved me?" She quirked her eyebrow.

"Yesterday actuall-"

"When you really meant it" She interrupted

I look down at my hands, thinking about it now, i realize i haven't said it in a while.

"And the last time you have called me beautiful. Not sexy" She turned her head away from me.

"I dunno" I answer back.

"That was actually a rhetorical question cause i already knew the answer." She snapped back at me, She reached over the Night stand and turned the lamp off. Leaving me dumbfounded. I kept my arm around her waist, i felt her hands trying to pry off my arm, but i wouldn't let her.

No matter what arguments we get to, or how many times she gets mad at me;

I will always have the urge to hold her body close to mine every night. In love, or not.

I reach over to her ear and whisper,

"I love you."

And i really meant it.


Authors note*


That is all thanks to all of you guys. Please please please share and most importantly tell your friends about my book, i would really appreciate that.

Stay beautiful, beautiful people.

-V xoxo

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