Danielles POV:

It's not my fault.

I wasn't in the mood. Well, when am i ever?

Lying here, with my eyes closed, i think these thoughts.

Is he gonna be mad at me? I don't care.

But i do care. No, i don't. Get yourself together Danielle. Choose one, and stick with it.

Turning my head, i see Harry sprawled on the bed, his hair scattered across the pillow.

He looks so peaceful. Like nothing can defeat him. Like he rules the world. His lips are lightly parted, breathing short staggered breaths.

"Staring is creepy." Harry groans, opening his green eyes up.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have such an angelic face?"


A smirk splatters on his face.

"Do you forgive me?"

I bit my lip, running his question through my head.

"Yeah, i supposed." I shrug it off like nothing.

Feeling his arm snake around my waist was the best feeling ever.

I set my hand on his, Intertwining with his long fingers.

"Come on, we got to take the kids to school." I interrupt, Pulling the comforter back, i feel the cold breeze hit my warm ones.

I quickly grab my sweatpants from the ground and leave Harry's over-sized shirt.

Looking at myself in the mirror, i cringe at the dark bags circling under my eyes.

I don't have time for make-up. I quickly grab a hair tie, wrapping my hair into a bun and tying it.

"Ready" I reply to shirtless harry who is, in fact still sprawled on the bed.

He groans in response. Well, that's his fault. Whatever. I have to go make breakfast.






"Mom, this is delicious" Tyler moans in Appetite.

"Well, give me the mom award, will you?"

"Definitely will"

I hear a strange voice behind me, once recognizing it i turn around and jump into my daughters arms.

"Eve!" I screech, Gripping her neck.

"Hey mom" She reply's softly.

Ever since Eve left for college, it hasn't been the same. Her and i just always had that connection. I could tell her anything and she could tell me everything

I missed her so much. Even if it's been only a couple of months.

"How have you been mom?"

"I'm getting there honey"

"Wow you sound old" She reply's laughing.

"Just because your 18 Missy, doesn't mean lets call mom old okay?" I point my finger at her attempting to act stern, but failing quickly at it.

"What brings you around?" I ask casually.

"Laundry day" She says back, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Danielle, Who are you talking to?" We hear Harry walk in, his suit freshly pressed against his toned body.

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