Danielle's POV*

"Honey, i'm home!" I hear Harry chirp with a door shutting behind him.

I look down at the home made pasta i prepared for his arrival. Some salad is put off to the side of the pasta and i reach up to grab the Parmesan cheese. I feel an arm snake around my waist, Harry's head nuzzling into the crook of my neck.

"Smells good." He whispers. "Well hello to you too" I giggle, turning around and pecking him on the lips very lightly.

"Hey mom Troye- oh my, i'll just-" I hear Tyler stutter at the scenery in front of his eyes.

"Oh please, It's not like anything you haven't seen before" I giggle pushing Harry away slightly.

"I know, but your my parents, that's weird" Tyler shivers in disgust, crinkling up his nose.

"Here, go eat. I'm going to go check on Troye." She shuffles past Harry, out of the corner of my eye i see Harry lick his lips as he grabs the plate of food.

I grab Tyler's hand and quickly made my way upstairs. I open Tyler's room and see Troye sitting on the bed, gripping his arm. "Hey hon, you doing OK?" I say sitting on the 5 seconds of summer covers, He lets go of his arm and i gasp at the horrid vision in front of me. His arm is covered in a mixture of purple and blue colors.

"Oh my gosh, i didn't think it was that serious." I gasp.

"I'm taking you to the doctors, your mother can just meet us there" I say, helping him up, i see Tyler grab his jacket and walk behind us, i make my way downstairs and sneak past Harry who is currently sitting on the couch, watching a re-run of sponge bob. He's such a child.

"Babe, ill be back, could you pick up the twins in a little?" I say kissing him on the cheek he mumbles a, "sure, love you"

I push Troye out of the house and into the car before Harry could see. Thank god he didn't question it when my son and i mentioned his name.

"Here, call your mom" I say reaching over the console and dropping the phone on his lap, he presses the phone to his ear. He quickly explained the situation to his mother, telling her to calm down and gave her the address of the hospital.

My heart is pounding very fast in my chest. This is not my kid and i have no idea what i'm doing but i just need his safety.

We reach the hospital and i quickly get out, Tyler already helping Troye out of the car.

We enter the Doctors and i run up to the clerk.

"We need a doctor" I Manage to say through my deep breaths.

She nodded, understanding what i was saying, she ran off in the back and ran back, she pressed a button a loud "ZING" she points to the door.

"Room 8" She says quickly.

"Troye! Tyler!" i rush over to Troye his face was extremely pale, he looked as if he were to throw up right there and then.

We reach room 8 and we sit Troye onto the small levitated couch with translucent paper, it crumbling as he sits on it.

A couple minutes after the a small woman in a doctors coat rushes in.

"Hi, my name is Dr. Horan i will be helping you today, now tell me, whats the problem?"

Another small girl walked behind her with a small laptop typing in all the information we told them.

"Alright troye, let me take a look." She moved to closer to troye, slowly uncovering his hand.

"Oh, wow. That's bad. I'm going to take some x-rays to see the inside, it look like he fractured his arm."

She takes a very big machine from behind him, Hovering it over his arm. She help it there for a while then put it back to its place.

"lets see" She turned around and looked at the small laptop.

"This is more serious than it looks." She furrowed her eyebrows starring intently at the screen.

"You fractured your arm, for you. But it seems that a small splinter from the bone punctured your vein. You may need to go into surgery immediately before it rips more of the vein" She presses a button on the wall and seconds later a group of men barged into the room, with a large portable bed.

They quickly put him on the bed and rolled him down the hallway, everyone following behind.

my eyes go wide and my mouth open with no sound coming out. What- the?

I look over to Tyler, him with the same exact expression on his face.


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