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Hello again everyone!!

After a grueling wait of 1 month, it's finally time to announce the winners.


Let's move on to the mini-contest first

The 'Social Star-Fandom' award goes to

<< #sidnaaz >>

Congratulations fans! You were amazing out there.


And now, it's time for the main awards.

So, the winners of the 1st edition of Clash of the Fandoms are...


<< Most-read story >>

1. Kaun Hai Tu Mera by yallsuckas (#sidnaaz)

2. Arranged Bride by Sanu0000 (#sidnaaz)

<< Most binge-worthy story >>

1. His Secretary | KTH by eatinsbub (#bts)

2. Stars After the Storm by Sanchita9999 (#arshi)

<< Most engaging story >>

1. Rang Teri Preet Ka by trysttoinfinity (#sidnaaz)

2. Eyes Never Lie by bubblewrap1009 (#bts)

*drumrolls continue*

Well well well, by the tiniest margin of 1

- winning 3 awards out of 6 -

the 'Best Fandom Award' of this 1st edition of Clash of the Fandoms goes to none other than -->


Congratulations readers and fans. You are the ones who made this happen!!

And congratulations to all the writers who won the individual awards. We will get in touch with you shortly for your prize.

Let the celebrations begin!!

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